What’s Better Forex or Cryptocurrency?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Modern traders need to keep up with the new trends constantly in order to trade beneficially. You can only receive great profits if you continue to improve your trading techniques and knowledge. It is almost a necessity nowadays to know the differences between forex and cryptocurrency trading, as well as the respective markets and how they operate. Both of these markets offer high-risk and high-reward trading solutions. But which one is better? Here is what you need to know about forex and crypto.

Main Differences Between Crypto and Forex Trading

There are actually more differences than similarities between the two trading markets. Here are the key dissimilarities between the two:


cryptocurrency market is incredibly volatile. This offers great opportunities to earn huge profits in no time if you are smart and lucky enough. While top cryptos like Bitcoin still demonstrate some level of stability in the short term, less popular coins can fluctuate a lot. However, lower volatility in the forex market also has its benefits. It provides stability and assurance, which is especially valuable for beginners. Beginner traders can even open cent accounts, which provide low-risk trading solutions.

Amount of Assets

the variety of assets available for trading differs dramatically between the two markets. Forex provides a limited selection of traditional currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc. Whereas there are thousands of digital currencies on blockchain right now and their amount continues to grow. They include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana, etc. However, BTC is the dominant crypto in this market;


traditional currencies on the forex market offer high liquidity. This can be really visible by the volume traded on this market a few years ago, which was almost 7 trillion dollars. With crypto, too many assets offer low liquidity. A few top cryptos are liquid enough for convenient trading, which is why liquidity pools need to be created on trading platforms to facilitate the process for all other trading pairs;

Potential Profits

it is possible to make bigger profits with high fluctuations in the market. Of course, investing any amount and trying to benefit from the crypto market fluctuations is a high risk. In this sense, the cryptocurrency market has more potential. The forex market also allows gaining large profits, although it is possible due to making bigger investments rather than benefitting from volatility;

Market Size

blockchain market is often seen as the future of trading and it grows rapidly. The market cap for crypto was about 3 trillion dollars back in 2021. However, the trading volume of the traditional forex market is much higher.

There are many differences between the two markets, which is expected as they trade with principally different assets, such as fiat and digital currencies.

Forex and Crypto Trading Similarities

While crypto and forex markets and trading techniques are quite different, there are still certain similarities. Here are some of the key common features:

  • Traders in both markets, whether it is crypto or forex, aim to benefit from short-term investments. There are similar risks and prices in each market still rely on various news and major events;
  • Technical analysis is the basis of research needed for trading on forex and cryptocurrency markets alike;
  • Whether you are trading on the crypto market or forex, it is essential to have a clear understanding and profound knowledge of your market. To trade consistently and receive decent profits, it is necessary to understand the market features, trading strategies, techniques, etc.

Trading in its core is quite similar regardless of your market, which means certain techniques can be adopted beneficially for crypto and forex.


Thanks to the Internet, people can now have almost unlimited access to trading platforms all across the globe. Crypto and forex are two different markets, which require a lot of research from traders to achieve great profits. Cryptocurrency is now gaining popularity and this trading market is considered to be incredibly promising. However, the forex market is much more reliable and stable. While it is advised for beginner traders to start on forex, even experienced traders benefit from this market greatly. Trading on forex involves lower risks and more stable income. In addition, forex markets can now be considered traditional, as they have been time-tested.

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