List of Tournaments for CS:GO 2023

| Updated on October 31, 2023

Annually, an extensive and dynamic world of esports provides CS:GO players with an opportunity to compete in tournaments, including classics: ESEA, ESL, IEM; and the special much more often offers. 

In 2023, there are dozens of high-rate prize pools that are about millions of dollars! To hit generous money prizes this year, enthusiastic players need not only opt for exclusive CS:GO corps and skin collections that can be found on But it is critically important to keep track of the list of actual tournaments as well.

Find all the answers to this topic, be aware of the profitable series, and focus on them!  So, meet the list of the most beneficial options for you to win bucks!

CS:GO Competition & Lucrative Exposes 

Last year, the fact of releasing two lucrative esports contests was announced by Valve. According to predictions, it will be carried out in May 2022 and November. According to the last years’ experience with PGL Stockholm, which was the most lucrative, Valve will boost its prize pool to two million or even over! 

In the September of 2021, the schedule of ESL was revealed and it contains about 25 CS:GO competitions! The full calendar of them is available on the network. Speaking about CS:GO bets, IEM and ESL affairs are the most major this year. They are the most win-win, that’s why most of the wager platforms provide and sell extra of them and we mention the dominative sense of it on the global market.

The Best CS:GO Tournaments in 2023 to Take into Account

There are hundreds of CS:GO wager offers in the context of the list of tournaments planned for 2022. However, which are the most rewarding in 2022? Let’s reveal it together while comparing all the available perks to take into consideration.

Electronic Sports League or ESL Pro League

To your attention are presented short-form tournaments played during the period of the single form! For the esports teams, twice a year a presented beneficial competitions with a high probability to win and outran with a massive sum of money. This year there isn’t any exception and you can take your parts in 2022 on those dates:

  • Spring season #15: March 9th – April 10th.
  • Summer-Fall season #16: August 31st – October 2nd.

IEM or Intel Extreme Masters

The IEM’s seasons are nominal, fabled, and durable in the cybersport franchise, especially in the CS:GO area! In 2022 there are two seasons of the IEM competition:

  • Katowice #16: February 15th-27th.
  • Cologne #17: July 5th- 17th. 

Those tournaments have a major prize pool (around 4 million dollars) and provide you with the characteristic of the best CS:GO team globally.

More Competitions for CS:GO Players  

Cybersport is an invaluable dealership, so it depends on the received coverage. That’s a clear reason for appearing in localized CS:GO events that are reserved in a few places in the world. In 2022, Electronic Sports League (ESL) presents the salutary events:

  • ESL Anaheim: February 11th.
  • ESL Dallas: June 3d.
  • ESL Jonkoping: June 18th.
  • ESL Valencia: July 1st.
  • ESL Melbourne: September 2nd.
  • ESL Rotterdam: October 14th.
  • ESL Hyderabad: October 29th.
  • ESL Jonkoping: November 26th.
  • ESL Madrid: December 9th.

The seasons of esports competitions are terrifying for all guys that are involved in this area, including CS:GO players. Above we have mentioned the essentials and have presented the most relevant and valuable proposals with a big variety of jackpots for over a million dollars to improve your cybersport career! Bear your attention to it and start getting your prizes and the apostle of the best CS:GO team!

Jeremy L. Price


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