What Does Cross Platform Mean for Gaming?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The video game industry has naturally evolved since the 1970s and continues to do so. Improvement has no limits and boundaries.

Just a few years ago, the cross-platform play was a dream come true.  But today it is the norm, just like eSports in the late 90s, it was an incomprehensible uniqueness, and now it is the most normal and ordinary discipline.  Exactly the same situation with Triple-A games. Who does not know these are the games that have a global advertising campaign, high-end graphics, the release of which has a great effect.  These games stand out among the masses of others.  Who would have thought that in general, video gaming would cause a worldwide stir and become one of the main cultures?

Speaking about the fact that the world does not stand still, cross-platform applies not only to games but also in other areas. Let’s figure out what it is because you probably know this word, but not completely clear.

So, cross-platform is the property of any product (in our case, these are video games) to work on different types of devices, regardless of whether the operating system is, for example, IOS, Windows, or Android, but to be a little more specific, it is the ability to connect to different kinds of platforms. 

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So, some historical data.  Previously, in ancient times, cross-platform was common on the PC and also on the console.  But the revolution has come again and now it is also common on your mobile phone. Naturally, to implement this type of game in life, you need to get a little confused.  It is necessary to use the software to ensure that the code is adjusted to all systems or platforms.  As a result, there is one base with codes that are relevant and applicable to all game makers

How the Era of Cross-Platform Games Began

From the creation of the first game until 2010, cross-platform has caused a real trigger for developers.  They asked themselves, “How can this be done?  What the hell?”

The top game manufacturers like Nintendo (this is a Japanese company that has been giving the world brilliant games like the cult Legend of Zelda since 1989) released games and financed them.

The released novelties caused a stir in the public, but at the same time, they were the so-called exclusive product.  Because it was often possible to buy such a game only with access to a PC or game console(hey, I remember that time..). Sony and Microsoft are pretty tired of seeing such a situation (but by the way, Nintendo was arranging everything).


So what? Cross-platform is cool, but what else can it offer us?

Take any online game.  Think about how many people play it.  For example, the well-known Fortnite (launched in 2017, the game developed by Epic Games. EG is the mother of GTA, by the way).  So, it is played all the time by a variety of players.  Think about what devices your opponents play on.  Naturally, while you, for example, are doing this using the console, while your enemies are sitting on the PC in the meantime. Guess whose merit it is? Unconditionally, all this gives us cross-platform.

The level of exclusivity and uniqueness of games is falling and more and more companies prefer cross-platform. Nintendo still disagrees with this position, but patience is only patience. They will also be affected by the urgent need for cross-play.

We Present to Your Attention the Top Best Cross-Platform Games


It was played by thousands of people, how many let’s-play videos appeared on the theme of this game, what can we say about the existence of many T-shirts, toys, and other merchandise with these little men.

It was created in 2018 by InnerSloth and hit the peak of popularity in 2020, breaking into the top of the charts. 


The Fortnite game mentioned above, as we already understood, was produced by Epic Games in 2017.  Its meaning is battles from which it is impossible to break away.


What can we say about this game, which is really cult and incredibly popular? The first initial version was released in 2009.  Is there much to say about this game? You absolutely played it.

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