Small Business Promotion – Creative Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

| Updated on March 21, 2024
Get Your Business Noticed

Only about half of small businesses survive their five-year mark. How do you create a sustainable business?

Create visibility for your brand with unique marketing strategies. If your target market does not see you, then they cannot support your company.

Read on to learn about small business promotion ideas that will make your business memorable.

Social Media

Utilize small business promotion strategies that sit at your fingertips! You can access social media from your phone, tablet, computer, and more! 

This kind of accessibility means you can market from anywhere. Plus, about 70% of Americans use social media, which makes it an excellent platform for visibility.

Create a business page for Instagram and Facebook, and then link them so that when you post to one it also shows up on the other. This saves you time and effort.

Post quality content once a day that gives your target market what they want and needs. Create interesting stories often to keep their attention and tell them what’s new with your products or services.

In-Person Promotions

Where does your average consumer frequent?

Learn their behaviors and then show up! In-person promotions offer a unique advantage while marketing for small businesses.

They connect you with another trusted brand by putting you on their property. This means they share in the leg work for promoting your promotion!

These events also allow you to talk with your people. This means you can show them who you are, let them sample what you offer, and then ask them how you can improve. You cannot beat face-to-face interactions. 


Whether you run a trade show booth, do an in-person promotion, or simply hand out gifts from your establishment, people will love getting free stuff! A little swag goes a long way.

You do not need to break the bank. Hand out branded rubber bracelets, matchboxes, or water bottles. 

Whatever you give out, make sure it makes sense with what you offer. For example, a sneaker brand might hand out branded laces in their swag bag.

Leading traffic to your website organically drives up sales. It also boosts your SEO ranking.

This means that the search engine deems your page more important than those that do not get as many visitors. In turn, your site shows up at the top of the list.

Get consumers to your page from other pages through link building. Local link building ensures that the people who come live in your area.

This means that they are likely to actually support your small business. Hire an SEO company that will place your links on pages that make sense.

For instance, they may place the link for an acupuncture page in a wellness blog post so that users can get additional information. Visit to begin!

Survive with Small Business Promotion Ideas

Do not think of unique promotions as a ploy. They are creative survival tools that will help your small business survive. When small business promotion ideas are done right, they even help your consumers!

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