8 Common Household Plumbing Problems All Homeowners Should Recognize

| Updated on March 27, 2024

One aspect of home ownership that most people don’t think about when considering purchasing a home is the amount of maintenance that is required. Whether it’s addressing the damage that has been caused to the home by something or simply ensuring interior appliances are functioning as they should be, a homeowner has a major responsibility to their dwelling. 

When it comes to homeownership, however, there is one slew of problems in particular that challenge most owners: plumbing issues. The problem with plumbing issues is that they vary so much in type and cause, which makes fixing them a challenge. Therefore, all homeowners should take the time to learn the most common plumbing issues and their causes. 

How Common are Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing issues are one of the ten most common problems that occur within a home, primarily due to the fact that plumbing runs throughout the entire home. This means that anywhere water runs through a home, there is plumbing allowing it to move. Whether that be the sink, toilet, shower, or anything else, plumbing issues can emerge from a variety of sources, which is what makes them so common. 

The Cost Associated with Fixing Plumbing

When considering hiring a plumber Fort Collins CO professional, it’s only natural to wonder what the cost associated with the job will be. The cost can vary due to a variety of factors, including the severity of the problem and what is required to fix it, but there is an average per job. Leaking pipes tend to cost between $150-$450 to repair, rerouting plumbing can cost between $700-$1,500, and a main water line leak can cost as much as between $500-$4,000. 

8 Plumbing Issues Most Homeowners Face

While no homeowner wishes to experience plumbing issues in their home, especially if that home is on the newer side, there are bound to be issues over time. By learning what the most common issues are in a home, the owner can react faster to resolve the issue before it becomes worse. Below are eight of the most commonly seen plumbing problems within a home:

Clogged Drains

Perhaps the number one leading cause of plumbing issues in a home are clogged drains. This can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from too much hair going into the pipes or even something being put into the drain that shouldn’t be. Over time, this can clog the drains in a home and lead to a breaking point where the pipes simply can’t manage anymore, and the water begins to back up. 

Issues with the Water Heater

The water heater is responsible for the hot water that occurs in any part of a home. Any type of issue with a water heater can result in a lack of warm water, making showers, washing dishes, and more challenging. Some of the leading signs that there is a problem with the water heater are if the water temperature keeps fluctuating, the temperature will not heat up, and if there is leaking around the water heater. 

Low Water Pressure

A variety of plumbing issues can cause low water pressure in a home, but it is also one of the most common plumbing issues a person faces. A problem with a pressure regulator, plumbing lines that are clogged, corrosion in plumbing lines, fixture issues, and more can all result in this problem developing. 

Constantly Running Toilet

Another of the most common issues that can emerge in a home is a toilet that doesn’t stop running. This often happens when the ball and chain in the tank of a toilet have an issue. When a person flushes, the ball and chain lift which allows the toilet to flush, but if there is a gap between the ball, it can cause the toilet to keep running. 

Pipes That Don’t Stop Leaking

Similar to clogged drains, another one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face is pipes that do not stop leaking regardless of what a person does. Keep an eye out for the key signs of water damage in a home which can give an indication that there are leaking pipes somewhere in the home.

Dripping Faucets

Similar to a toilet that does not stop running, dripping faucets can be extremely annoying over time and waste a large amount of water. The most common causes for dripping faucets are corroded pipes, mineral deposits, faulty gaskets or washers, or water pressure issues. Identifying which is the correct cause can be challenging and may require the help of a plumber. 

Sewer Line Issues

In some cases, the plumbing issues in a home may not be due to anything within your home itself. The plumbing in the walls connects to a broader sewer line that connects with other homes in the neighborhood. When there is an issue with this large sewer line, it can compound into plumbing problems in an individual home. 

Water Damage Around the Home

Finally, the largest plumbing issue, particularly the most expensive, is water damage in the home. This is the physical damage that arises when water makes contact with various parts of a home. Water damage can lead to health issues such as the risk of lung disease from bacteria or mold that has gone airborne, as well as structural integrity issues in the home that occur when water weakens the materials in the walls of a home. 

Protect Your Plumbing Today.

When it comes to solving the plumbing issues in a home, speed is paramount to reducing the risk of water damage or other issues. Rather than attempting to solve the issue on your own, even if it appears easy on the surface, consider reaching out to an accredited plumbing repair company that can help you get the issue fixed. Most homeowners accidentally make issues worse, believing they are solving the problem due to the intricacies of plumbing.

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