Best Wholesale Hair Bundles Vendor: Dreaming Hair Factory

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Hair is one of those body features that can ruin the beauty of someone or can add class to the look of a person. Although every person is beautiful in their way, everyone deserves to have hair on their shiny head. For those people who are not fortunate enough to have this privilege of strong and shiny hair, there is a mind-blowing solution for you. 

Dreaming Hair Factory is here to give you a light of hope in your dark life. They are a well-reputed player in the hair bundle industry. They provide their products worldwide with an irreplaceable quality product range. You can get any product of your choice at a single destination. In this article, we will share all the information and details that our team gathered through the internet exploration of this brand. 

As you can guess by the name, Dreaming Hair Factory deals in a range of human hair lace wigs and hair extensions. In today’s article, we will discuss

Overview of the Article:
1. About Dreaming Hair Factory
2. Why Choose Dreaming Hair Factory
3. Types of Hair Bundles offered by Dreaming Hair Factory

About Dreaming Hair Factory

Dreaming Hair Factory is easily capable of being in your list for the best wholesale hair bundles vendor in the market. The raw material comes from various parts of the world where only the best-quality samples get selected. According to the CRO of the company Mr Hugh, they want to establish a revolution in the hair industry.

With their factory located in Xuchang City, China, they manage to keep their cost as low as possible so their customers can get their premium products at a very reasonable value. The majority of hair used in production comes from South-Asian countries like India, therefore there is no need to worry.

hair exporting countries

This company chooses only the best of the best talents worldwide who can perform well in their respective jobs. With such talent in the firm, it is almost impossible to leave any of their customers unsatisfied. You can also be one of their satisfied customers if you are ready to join their family. 

There are a number of good intentions behind the management’s motto that will make you wanna participate with them in their deeds. 

Dreaming Hair Factory believes in empowering women and providing equality to the community. Therefore they are determined to give their contribution to the cause. They are determined to contribute u to 1% of their total sales revenue to the institutions and organizations that are sharing the same motto of equality, liberty, reputation in society and empowerment for the black community nationwide. 

Therefore you should also go for a brand that is socially responsible and knows how to give back to the community. Your purchases can help build a society and make this world a better place. 

Why Choose Dreaming Hair Factory

There are multiple reasons that will make you wanna become a regular customer of this brand.

  1. Admirable Range: The Dreaming Hair Factory has a range of wigs and hair extensions in its portfolio. From color range to different lengths — all of your needs will get fulfilled here.
  2. High-Caliber Products: Dreaming Hair Factory’s majority of the products come from South-Asian countries like India. Brands use hair from these countries in making the premium line of wigs and extensions, and so does this brand. You can trust their quality and finish with closed eyes.
  3. Price: Dreaming Hair Factory is known for its affordability and value-for-money products. The selling price of bundles or even single–units are offered at a reasonable price. Also, they offer free shipping facilities to your doorsteps that will save the delivery charges. “It is so true to size and the texture it’s so full. The best wig purchase ever and the wig is worth the price. The seller is friendly and always available for communication would highly recommend no doubts.” – says Prudence Rodden in her customer review.
    customer review
  4. 30-Days Free Return: This brand will never forget to make you fall in love with it. The brand follows a policy of 30-day free return in case you receive a faulty product. The customer reviews regarding the return policy are positive.

Types of Hair Bundles Offered by Dreaming Hair Factory

As told previously, Dreaming Hair Factory has a large number of hair collections in its portfolio. The menu of the website is full of different hair types.

Hair Bundles

With different lengths and hair types, you can get a perfect match for yourself. In this section, we will tell you about different types of hair and you can then judge what suits you the most.

Virgin Hair Bundles

Virgin hair is considered the top-most quality of hair that one could get. These hairs are almost untouched by any treatment of customizations. There is no previous dye history, color or treatment history that is done on this type of hair. 

Also, they are maintained with care, with no harsh heat on them, with no use of blow driers or any artificial heat. Virgin hair has a standard that they have to meet to get into the classification. 

Remy Hair Bundles

Remy hair is another high-quality category that is available in the market. Remi hair bundles also target to look as natural as possible and they are also made tangle free. The hair strands are tied to a skin-like textured weft so that the strands don’t get tangled with each other. 

Dreaming Hair Factory’s range of Remy hair bundles is made from top-quality material that comes from countries like India, Brazil or Peruvian donors. To provide you with the finest quality product, they use no chemicals or treatments for their wigs. The natural texture of the hair is maintained throughout the whole process. Also, the wigs are completely tangle-free. It requires minimal maintenance for its shine, looks and softness. 

Synthetic Hair Bundles

As you can guess by the name, synthetic hair bundles are made artificially to match the smoothness and texture of real human hair. Generally, the materials that are used in making these bundles are Nylon, Polyester and Acrylic.

One advantage of synthetic hair is that since they are made artificially, it can be molded in any style, color, texture or length that a customer needs. When it comes to the range of synthetic hair bundles, you have a satisfaction level associated with them. These bundles from Dreaming Hair Factory are durable, need less maintenance and are completely value for money.

Customized Hair Bundles

Dreaming Hair Factory understands that every customer has a unique taste and projects different imaginations in their mind. In respect to their choice and requirements, this brand has got some highly-skilled workers who will be able to match all the criteria and characteristics that you want in your wig or hair extension.

You can even experiment with your style if you want to shift from your straight hair to something more waves and curls or vice versa. The team is highly capable to match your every need. Let it be a color of your choice, length of your choice, texture, nature or anything.

If you are still in the research stage and still confused about which brand you should go with for your hair needs, trust us this might be your best decision. Moreover, you will enjoy all the policies that this brand offers you like free-shipping and 30-day free returns.

More to that, 1% of your money will be contributed to the community and will be used for a greater cause.

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