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| Updated on March 22, 2024

From informational Govt. sites to tarot card holders, every progressive thought in the world has spread through proper “Website Hosting”. Earlier it was the popularity through the conversations which made businesses within the vicinity popular, but now within a click, you can gather a lot about any trade and commerce.

Ahead we will gear and explore the website hosting services graphs, pros, cons, and legal things, best hosting services for webpreneurs, free hosting services, and much more. 

A lot is waiting for you ahead. Let’s begin with the first lap.


Website Hosting Trend Now and Then

Web Hosting service

Do you know in which year this crucial concept of Website hosting made its presence? 

Yes! You are somewhere right. It’s the marvellous year of 1995. 

Companies such as GeoCities, Angelfire, and Tripod were there in the world with free hosting offers. Do not hurry, Wait!!!! Now they don’t render free service. To keep their user away from Ads, they ask for subscriptions and payments. No offence, but there are services that can be enjoyed by beginners and small businesses for free.

In order to create a presence, website hosting servers lure the audience with a variety of service options. With a special business comes a specialised version plan and these plans’ range varies from time to time.

Meanwhile, the minute your website server leads to blurring images or information, the few seconds it will take for the audience to shift to other options.

So, the Website hosting trend is going to be lavish where competitors fight for their live presence. This will evolve with every moment till infinity. 

Best Website Hosting Services

top website hosting companies

Here is a list of some web hosting providers. From trendy to free and for Small businesses to Entrepreneurs, below is everything you are searching for while finding the right web hosting service.

Current Best Trendy Web Hosting Services

Do you know anyone who provides Website Hosting services called “Web Hosts”?

We have listed the top headstrong and competing Website hosting providing services. Have a look at them in a short crispy way.


If you want to keep your work, profile, and profession in motion, then you can look for Hostinger services in particular. Best website Hosting Service for rejuvenating your performance in the live world.

It provides one with a 30-day money-back guarantee. From different hosting with pocket-friendly ranges, one can get professional support with 24/7/365 service.

trending Hosting services company

Established Year2004 as “Hosting Media”
CEOAurimas Rapalis
Headquarters:Kaunas, Lithuania
Starring Detail:Succeeded in 2015 by Arnas Stuopelis

Bluehost builds an expert-concerned website with a free consultation. Optimise your own design template and have assured reliability, the best security shield of your data with 24×7 support.

Top website hosting company

Established YearOram
CEOMatt Heaton
Headquarters:Oram, Utah, US
Starring Detail:Was the largest web host in 2015, collectively hosting over 2 million domains in the year 2010.

Los Angeles-based hosting provider which is easy to use with a fast and reliable engine ranking. They have award-winning US Based 24×7 experts for support.

With the experience of 20+ years their expert work to tackle every detriment with utmost care.

Best hosting service

Established Year1995
CEODallas BethuneJosh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, Sage Weil
Headquarters:Brea, California, US
Starring Detail:In 2015 their employ/customer ratio was 200/400,000

A service that provides you with a plethora of hosting options, 99.9% uptime, a Free SSL certificate, and many other advantages.

One of the customer reviews – “Excellent server services. Fast and 11% reliable services. Love the way the company treats customers”.

Website hosting company

Established Year2002
CEOBrent Oxley
Headquarters:Houston, Texas, the US
Starring Detail:In 2015, HostGator launched essential tools for maintaining a WordPress website.

Just $2.95 per month for boosting hosting performance. Secured with a 30-day money-back guarantee and no hidden fees for the users.

Top website hosting company

Established Year2008
CEOTrey Gardner
Headquarters:Agoura Hills, California
Starring Detail:Co-founder, Kaumil Patel entered the industry of Web Hosting at the age of 16
Best website hosting company

With free Email, SSL, CDN and Backups services for your hosting intermission to Web and WordPress hosting, this site runs for up to 500% faster.

For speed, Persistent storage, and top level of redundancy they take advantage of Google Cloud.

Established Year2004
CEOIvo Tzenov
Headquarters:Sofia, Bulgaria
Starring Detail:In the ear 2020 it provides service to 2,000,000 domains                             

Since its 2003 launch they have earned various recognition as the top hosting provider. One of the best web hosting services currently alive.

With a plethora of options to choose from $2.95 to $105.99/month charges thus they also take care of users’ pockets and expenditures.

They are also one of the best companions for users with different A2 Hosting sites like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

Established Year2001
CEOBryan Muthig
Headquarters:Michigan, United States
Starring Detail:Started hosting from a two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan

One among many web hosting services, InMotion have 500,000 WordPress installations with a 90-Day money-back guarantee and award-winning supporting team and services.

With flexible billing, Dedicated security, and a complete server solution, Inmotion is one of the trusted independent companies for hosting.

Hosting services

Established Year2001
CEOTodd Robinson
Headquarters:EI Segundo
Starring Detail:pocket-friendly for Beginners 

Hosting service which has opened its gates for small businesses to developers and enterprises.

They assure security, support, and speed to all their users and provide free SSL Certificates, data encryption, and more.

Hosting services

Established Year2010
CEOJason Cohen 
Headquarters:Austin, Texas
Starring Detail:Known for their high quality and best posting

Hosting optimised for the world’s leading platforms to the curated solution, update, and maintenance.

They provide security, perform and monitor with 24×7 support.

They are trusty and worthwhile for enhancing users’ uptime, and traffic for enriching a website’s performance.

Website hosting services

Established Year2000
CEOChris Wells
Headquarters:Ann Arbor, Michigan

Best Service Providers For New Webpreneurs

best hosting services for new webpreneurs

Beginners and small businesses need services that are friendly at the core. From easy features to support, you need a companion to hold them tightly. Like one needs to take care of storage space and the budget needs to balance.

Below is an outlook on some web hosting services. Tally as per your interest and get your business on track.

  1.  Hostinger – Overall best for beginners for providing its services.
  1.  Bluehost – Easy WordPress hosting for beginners.
  1.  HostGator – Easy and affordable.
  1.  DreamHost – pocket-friendly.

Zoom Into a Comparison Between Various Web Hosting Services

Website hosting competitors

To Help you broach the competitors very clearly a graph has been painted for your scrutiny.

Features24 x 7ToolsPackagesStorage
BlueHostFree SSL, SEO ToolsRs. 169/monthBasic Plan with 50GB 
DreamhostSSL1 month to 3-year plan3GB SSD storage
HostingerSSL$2.59/month100GB SSD storage
HostGatorSSL$2.64/month150GB storage
GreengeeksSSL, CDN, Nightly backup$2.95/month50GB to unlimited
A2HostingFree CDN, SSD$2.99/month to $105.99/monthUnlimited storage with$18.99/month
InMotionBlacklist check, Email, Favicon generator $2.99/month to $132.99/month50GB
WPEngineFree SSL, Data encryption4 months free on annual plan40MB for single site 64MB for multisite
NexcessClient Portal, Billing, Backup,CDN$9/month to $29/month50GB to 400GB space
SitegroundsEmail, SSL, CDN, and Backup$3.99/month30GB

Free Website Hosting Services for Small Businesses and Webpreneurs

Free website hosting

If you want to taste the services and have the experience of tools and features then attending a free website can work efficiently for you.

free website hosting

Here are the top 5 best website hosting service options to consider with their features. 

  1. InfinityFree
Free unlimited web hosting service

With over 10 years of experience and 400,000 users, there might be a reason people picked this as their hosting service. You are absolutely right it’s not any free trap or offer for any particular time. 

They assure to be the fastest with 99.9% uptime and zero ads and are primarily free with no hidden fees or any credit card payments.

Some highlighted features of Infinityfree web hosting services are also listed below.

Website hosting for small businesses


  •   Free Sub-domain 

       You can have your own domain or pick from any 25 domain extensions from the InfiniteFree hosting services.

  •   Unlimited Storage

       One only needs a 5GB Disk Space and that’s it. You are done on your part. Your website can enjoy as much data space as you want with no storage charges too.

  •  Unlimited Bandwidth

This simply implies that your website’s speed won’t be compromised by the natural services that the host provides. Thus your performance won’t get stammered at any cost.

  •   Customer support

For any issue from A2 hosting to installation issues feel free to visit their helping forum.  Customer’s Support             

  1. 000WebHost
best free web hosting service

Wondering to have the best platform plan from free option to the cheapest Rs.69 plan service. More than 10 years of wisdom from 000webhost can absolutely help.

It is powered by Hostinger. Some more highlighted features of this web hosting service are listed below.


  •   Free Subdomains

Free hosting plans receive free subdomains. Subdomains highlight you and your profession , so It is imperative to have it. Free subdomain service is a flattering offer.

  •  2. 3GB bandwidth, 30 MB Disk Space 

Provides considerable amount that is required by website’s to conquer

  •  Customer Support

Have a dedicated, determined staff providing 24/7 services.

  •  No Ads on your website.

Presence of any detriment in our work lifestyle leads to impatience. One also gets the incentive of zero Ads for the least hindrance from their side.

  1. Google Cloud Hosting
free web hosting

Dynamic website where the customization occurs within a click.

From providing domains to source managing systems, GoogleCloud has the best options for users with free trials.

They also have free tier products for the Free users which can be used only to a certain limit of free usage limit.

One can also watch webinars to begin their first journey in the live world. 


  •  One-year free trial

         Primarily free services are tasted by small businesses and entrepreneurs . 1 year free trial is a beautiful idea of getting in touch with the tools and rules of a ruling website.

  •   Free Credit

         The user also gets $300 free credit to avail the maximum benefits as he aspires. This also helps a user to explore more.

  •   Customer’s Support
  1. AwardSpace
 Affordable Web hosting service

Awardspace pays attention to the technical support that the audience might need cause not everyone is into the tech world. They provide the hosting solutions and tutorials to keep a user-friendly environment.


  • Three subdomains
  •  1GB storage
  •  3GB bandwidth
  •  24 x 7 customer support
  1. Freehostia
 Free Web hosting service

For a powerful solution with glistening price plans and the most important “Faster credible service” is what Freehostia assures one of.


  •  5 hosted subdomain
  •  250MB disc space
  •  6GB bandwidth
  •  FAQ and customer support system

Brief on The Types of Web Hosting 

Let me attempt to draw the picture clear for you on the types of Web Hosting. Below are the basic four types.

  1.  Shared Hosting
Web Hosting types
  • The Same Server for Many WebsitesThe website hosting service will be providing you the same server which must be entitled to the other users too. This makes it very economical.

Price may vary from $2.99 to $9,99

  • Resource Sharing – Your hosting package decides the resources that are given to you. A common pool of sources rendered by the server like image/post/blog hosting service is usually shared but you will have no idea of it.
  • Site Excess – Most probably you have this option to manage your own site, but you cannot do the technical maintenance of the server itself.      
  1. Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting
Types of Web Hosting

Hey! Do you know it is also called Virtual Private Server

  • Dedicated Server: You may have a dedicated server. Still, it renders services at a low cost. The price varies from $29.99 to $59.99.
  • Resource Sharing: You might have to share some resources like CPU Cores, processing power, and SSD storage. 
  • Site Excess: Customer responsible sometimes for maintaining a server.
  1.  Dedicated Hosting
various types of Web hosting
  • Client’s Server: The server is in a way leased to clients for their performance, data, and security but not allotted full control. Price may vary from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 60,000.
  • Resource Sharing: Users have access to manage their data by the remote management tool.
  • Site Excess: The user is posted as the administrative head of the server resulting in all the future responsibilities on his shoulder.
  1. Cloud Hosting
Types of Web hosting
  • Server: Hosting where a network of bound virtual and physical cloud servers represents the website. Price may vary from $19.99 to $32.00

Cloud Hosting is decentralised.

  1.  More control over data.
  2.  More safety or privacy.
  • Resources: Specialised service is rendered to manage the Cloud-hosting environment. Resources are scaled according to the client’s requirements.
  • Maintenance: One only pays for the resources they have used.

Pros of Website Hosting

When working in the field of business, pros and cons follow you everywhere. Website Hosting has bowed perpetual tributes for flourishing the primary goal of business but let’s know the benefits of web hosting. 


Easy Connectivity With the Audience – Proximity between the business and the audience increases as they stay connected even after being miles away physically.

Reliable – Web Hosting is a reliable source of increasing your business as service providers do take care of your needs. Currently, many Web Hosting Service providers have 24×7 customer care service.

Domain Highlighting Email Address – The email used in the Web hosting service has to be domain specific that is highlighting your thought, idea, or business.

Enhances Sites Performance – If your website stays aloof from technical errors, and outage issues and takes customer care then this will most probably enhance your website thus upgrading you in the eyes of the web and audience.

Commendable Technical Support – Web hosting services are now inbuilt with 24×7 help for their users. 

Features to Look For Right Website Hosting Services

choosing the best Hosting services

Here are some factors that should be essentially pinned in the business notepad before rambling through multiple website hosting services.

 Site Uptime 

Denotes the time amount your site was accessible to the audience. Keeping a vigilant eye that your services are reaching the needy is pivotal.

 ⇛  Site Speed 

If you want to rank among others of your same service then enhance the site speed. Your website hosting service provider must provide you with this feature. 

 ⇛  Customer Support

For any query you must have an ear to listen. Customer Support is an essential feature that highlights the importance a service provider pays to its guests or customers.

 ⇛  Pricing Options

The price and the features offered to you should tally. Take care that your criteria for choosing a web hosting service should not just rely on price.

⇛  Storage

You always need perfect storage space for your files. Look for the services which suit your needs. If you have little need then look for cheap plans. 

Storage for web hosting

For your site to function you need an amount of storage to perform your best in the web domain. If you need less space go for cheaper plans. Make sure you don’t run out of space.

Key Steps to Apply for Website Hosting

Key detail of the steps necessary for applying should be acknowledged. Below are the essential ones kept in the hierarchy for you.

  • Research is the Key

Before jumping straight into the budget carve out the essential details of the multiple hosting services and compare them with your requirements. Have a checklist of the priorities you have and map out the same.

  • Decide a Budget

For your convenience, pre-decide your budget as it is one of the essential parts. You need to look at the imperative feature you want and with the same thought level as your budget.

  • Plan the Type of Hosting Accordingly

If done with the budget and have decided on the hosting services, the next crucial step that echoes is “The type of Hosting that we want”.

With different types, the service by the hosting web service will vary. It may differ according to your budget and you can even control your server by being the administrative head of your own domain. 

  • Select The Plan

Your service provider must be having different plans with a plethora of features to serve. Activate your Shrewd qualities and choose the one which fits your best use.

  • Register Your Domain

Kudos! As you have reached the last step towards your goal and 

that is the Registration of your domain. 

Yes! With the right hosting account, one can. Don’t worry as you can have as many services for establishing your business. Flourishing business through such multiple options is never illegal.

So, turn your worries into opportunities and set your business to bloom.

Closing Thoughts

The lap of the topic journey is over. Let’s rest and inspect these various web hosting services and find the one which can tend to spread our thoughts easily, effectively, and efficiently to go live on the web.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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