How to Get Ticketmaster Presale Tickets?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Most of the time, tickets of all types, whether it be baseball tickets or concerts, tend to sell out early because of the vast number of fans against the limited number of tickets and seats. There are multiple ways to secure presale tickets. 

But the most popular way is to find a presale code that allows fans to book presale tickets. These codes act as your key to securing the best seats in advance. 

Tickets for concerts and other events

The Ticketmaster presale is a fine way to secure access to witness your favorite events in person. If you wish to procure exciting presale tickets to book the most coveted seats in advance, this article is for you. We’ll help you find great presale deals to make your wish come true.

About Ticketmaster Presale

The Ticketmaster presale is a safe and secure way to book verified seats in advance. With this, you can skip the hassle of a mad ticket rush when the public squirms in for tickets. Another benefit is that you get to choose your desired seat and location before anyone else. This ensures that you have the best experience watching your favorite artists from the best angle and perspective.

Choose your preferred seating

If you want to avoid the hassle of tickets selling out before you get them in your possession, you will benefit a lot from the Ticketmaster presale. They work in a way that allows a certain audience to find and buy tickets days before the official sale for the public. This helps fans to secure seats and not have to worry about not attending the event.

If you want to find and purchase Ticketmaster presale tickets, it always pays to stay updated and book the tickets as soon as they go on sale. These early tickets are usually available in limited numbers in opposition to the high demand. 

Only a few tickets are allotted for presale so that the public will have enough tickets when they go on sale. So, only the early birds will get presale tickets in their possession. In the case of leftover presale tickets, they are included in the general sale. 

Buy Ticketmaster Presale Tickets


You can check out Ticketmaster’s official website to see if you can find available deals for the presale tickets. 

Find tickets for different events

Browse through the huge list of categories from concerts to comedy shows to theaters or search for the event you’re looking for. You can also find a variety of concerts that are soon to be held in a particular state or country. Filter the search by artists, tour names, locations, or dates. Find the best meet-and-greet tickets to meet your favorite artists.

If you wish to attend an event, always check for the popularity and demand of the event. Presale tickets for many major headliners often sell like hotcakes. They may even sell out on the same day that they become available. So keep an eye on the upcoming schedule and see when tickets go on sale so that you can buy them without delay. 

Aside from the possibility of finding tickets sold out, another reason why securing presale tickets early is crucial is that the price of the tickets may rise as the tickets become more limited. While the price of presale tickets is usually the same as general tickets, they have a chance to hike once the tickets become lesser or once the event draws closer. 

Coupon discounts on presale tickets

Many artists or teams give out exciting offers, including presale codes, on their social media pages. So, one of the ways you can find presale codes is to follow them on their social media pages and grab interesting offers when they come up. You may even find artists who offer a period of presale registration for fans. 

Once registered successfully, you will receive a presale code through text message on the following day. The same applies to the venues that are holding the event. Check out their websites to see if there are any exciting presale codes. 

Once you have the presale code in your possession, you need to follow the presale link that will take you to a registration page. You should be signed in for a successful transaction. Find the events that interest you and enter the presale code in the password bar to book the tickets. 

Presale tickets

Remember that getting your hands on presales does not guarantee tickets. Even if it is a verified fan presale, you must make an effort to get what you want. Make sure to keep an eye on when the tickets go on sale so that you don’t run out of tickets. Keep in mind that these types of special and exclusive tickets are very limited.

Choose the right parking ticket

After finding your particular event on the Ticketmaster website, check for the ticket availability of tickets. You need to make sure to find the right parking ticket for your vehicle to ensure its safety as well. The number of parking tickets depends on the number of vehicles, not the people. 

Review your tickets

Review your tickets and enter the preferred row and seat to reserve the best seat possible for yourself. After providing all the information confirm your tickets and pay for them. Some tickets also have a small handling fee, so keep that in mind before booking.

If you are someone who wouldn’t like the idea of waiting in line to get tickets, you will surely benefit from getting your hands on presale codes. With these limited codes, you can secure your chances of getting the best seats and tickets before anyone else gets them. It minimizes the chance of finding your preferred seat from being sold out. When you buy presale tickets, you also get to plan out the event in advance and get familiar with the desired location you have booked.


With this, the next time your favorite performer is coming to perform in a venue near you; make sure you check out when tickets go on sale. With so many eager fans in your city, it won’t take long for the limited tickets to go out of the sale. 


Be quick in booking Ticketmaster presale tickets if you wish to secure a chance to be part of the event you have been looking forward to. Turn the event into a memorable one as you watch your favorite stars in person in a location that offers a great view and a wonderful experience.

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