Best 5 HSE Apps to Ensure Workplace Safety in 2024

| Updated on May 31, 2024

The annual event known as World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed on  April 28, organized by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

It highlights the importance of workplace safety to improve conditions in small and large enterprises. 

While companies conduct regular audits of every process, industry-related accidents or diseases are not uncommon. 

To counter this, there is a growing demand for HSE apps, or Health & Safety Environment system as well as online health and safety courses.

They are digital tools that assist businesses streamlining systems to check maintenance, generate analytical reports, conduct risk assessments, etc. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 5 best HSE apps of 2024. They ensure industry compliance and prevent workplace injuries to promote a safe environment. 



If you are looking for a comprehensive software that is trusted by most organizations, you can depend on the SafetyCulture app. 

It has industry-driven features that meet the highest standards of safety, an efficient audit tool, the ability to record photos or edit reports for timely response, etc. 

Here are a few empowering functions of this app to improve workplace safety:

  • Create safety checklists, templates, and forms to conduct scheduled inspections.
  • Use the geo-tagging feature to monitor remote-working employees in each process.
  • Check past records or reports along with current performance by generating insights and storing them in cloud systems automatically.
  • Monitor the weather and temperature for instant alerts while assessing avoidable risks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 20-50% of employees are prone to workplace hazards globally. 

HSEQ Manager

HSEQ Manager App

Known for its adaptable compliance system, this app functions efficiently on the web as well as mobile devices. 

It is especially designed for handheld device reporting to maintain a protective work environment with the following features:

  • Easily capture photos and videos of machine issues to share reports remotely with the manager.
  • It ensures top quality through an action management system. 
  • Customize inspections as per industry requirements, including warehouse vehicle utilization reports.
  • Check or analyze business intelligence data for further improvement.
  • Send professional reports with electronic signatures to specific departments. 

HSE Connect

Social networking is not just limited to personal use, as the HSE Connect app boasts about connecting with professionals across the globe. 

It has a user-friendly interface with intuitive software, allowing businesses to improve their safety standards at the workplace. 

Some of its robust features for industry professionals to stay safe at work include:

  • Interact and chat with HSE professionals to stay updated about safety hazards.
  • Learn about a secure office environment through topics, quizzes, and videos. 
  • It provides seamless access from anywhere in the world.
  • HSE courses are helpful guides for prevention of sudden fires, electricity, chemicals, construction, etc.

The three most important safety regulations that every industry should follow are – integrating industrial robots for hazardous tasks, providing protective gear for workers, and encouraging regular breaks.

Official HSE Health & Safety

Official HSE Health & Safety App

Information, along with awareness, help keep workers safe at a workplace. Therefore, you can gain complete safety knowledge from this application. 

You can understand health and safety laws to ensure industry compliance and regular checks. There are approved resources, tools, and training modules. 

Learn more about the safety functions of the Official HSE Health & Safety app here:

  • It offers easy browsing of topics, publications, and products related to HSE.
  • Watch exclusive videos from an HSE inspector for a detailed risk management process.
  • Understand health and safety regulations, and the legal duties of workers, including criminal and civil law. 
  • Learn how to investigate workplace incidents, report injuries, and determine the cause of disease occurrences.
  • It also teaches how to manage work-related stress. 


GoAudits App

To always stay vigilant about the safety standards in your company, install GoAudits, which is a robust inspection tool. 

It promises quality audits, improving efficiency and the overall productivity levels of the workers. 

This workplace safety app will reduce your inspection time while correcting issues faster with its following features:

  • Automatically generate inspection reports and analyze them offline from any device.
  • Create and customize smart checklists with photos, e-signatures, and geo-locations.
  • Collaborate with teams about task management, customize workflows, or set reminders.
  • The HSE app is available in 6 languages, which include English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Mandarin.


These are the best HSE apps that are integrated with advanced automated algorithms to assist you in the safety of all business processes. 

Apart from compliance with industry regulations, ensuring worker safety is management’s responsibility. 

Without the highest safety standards, a successful business cannot stand the test of time. 

Therefore, these safety applications are the guards that protect your company while promoting a culture built on a strong foundation.   

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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