Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite in 2020

| Updated on March 27, 2024

In this revolutionary world, computer games have taken a storm among the new generation. Due to the lack of playgrounds, people used to get accustomed to these games on the computer for entertainment. Among these, Fortnite has emerged as one of the best games since 2017. In this game, for several swiping movements, gamers need a lightweight mouse with which you can easily win the game. As it is also a shooting game, it requires some side-way buttons for pro gamers to use it with ease. You can only judge a mouse according to its design and technology that if it is fit for any particular game. 

So, you might still be confused about the best mouse for the Fortnite game. In this article, we will give you a brief idea about the best gaming mice for Fortnite. 

Best Choice for the Gaming Mouse

If you are still searching for the best gaming mouse for Fortnite, then you must have a look at the list below of the mice along with the features that boost their performance.



For any Fortnite gamer, Logitech G502 hero gaming mouse can be the best choice over other available options. You can add commands and macros to its programmable buttons through Logitech G502 software. This gaming mouse has an incredible 16k HERO sensor with the help of which you may get the best accuracy and tracking speed. It weighs approximately 80 grams which is below the average weight. The design is so amazing that you can easily use it with your palm, claws, or fingertips. It has buttons on both sides that make it amazing to use. 


This mouse has its place in the market for its lightweight which is approximately 58grams. If you compare it with Logitech G Pro, then Finalmouse Air58 Ninja is slightly larger. This gaming mouse runs fast and smooth for any right-handed Fortnite gamers. It feels like wireless even with the Phantom Cord mouse cable plugged with Finalmouse Air58 Ninja.


 If you are looking for a small gaming mouse, then Logitech G305 gaming mouse must be in your bucket list without a second thought. This mouse has the HERO sensor that offers best sensitivity for Fortnite gamers. Besides this, it also supports Lightspeed technology with the help of which the speed is super-fast for professional gamers. The budget for this mouse may also amaze you like nothing.

razer cortex

For Fortnite games, the size of the mouse is really important as it will make the game easier to win. The weight of the mouse is often asked to be approximately 74grams which is a key point for trying to get over Logitech G Pro gaming mouse. Being it a wired mouse, it has been ruling over the whole market.


Being a PC gamer company, it has come up with the best gaming mouse in the market. It can easily fit gamers with average-sized hands. The honeycomb shell-like design makes the mouse lightweight at 67 grams. Compared with the others, it has been featured with RGB LightSync technology for the pro-Fortnite gamers. 


In the above list, we have stated the lightest mice available in the market. So, read the features carefully and then decide to buy the best out of these without a second thought to win “Fortnite”.

Priyam Ghosh

Tech and Internet Writer

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