Top 5 Best Background Check Companies

A background check is a service that assists people in obtaining information about other people. For example, an employer can use a background check service to get past information about potential candidates, such as their educational background, criminal history, and work experience. When employers have the correct details about their candidates, it makes it easier for them to filter out applications from dishonest ones.

Background check services are legal in the US, and anyone can have a personal background check tool. However, this is not for professional use, and the service you get has to adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you are still deciding about purchasing a tool, you can always seek help from background check companies for professional services. Here is a list of some of the best background check service providers to consult.


Launched in 2015, TruthFinder has helped build connections with families and friends. It has more than nine million hits every month. However, it has an A+ rating on BBB. TruthFinder offers features like people search, reverse phone background, address lookup, dark web scan, sex offender lookup, education background, and public records.

You can search for information such as location, name, and age for free. However, they have a premium subscription that lets you search for assets, criminal records, and bankruptcies, among others.

TruthFinder allows you to use a phone number to access the owner’s information. You can find information such as names or the family of that phone number’s owner. The public records feature allows you to access arrests and criminal records, births, deaths, aliens, and bankruptcies.

If you want to move to a new neighborhood, you can use TruthFinder to check if there are any sex offender registries in that location. TruthFinder can give you feedback on all the individuals involved in such an offense.

They have a Dark Web Monitoring service that lets you know if a person has sold their personal information. This can protect you against data breaches and identity theft since these cybercrimes have become very common nowadays.

When searching for an individual’s educational background using TruthFinder, you are most likely to find their school name, period of study, and area of study. TruthFinder is user-friendly and offers detailed reports that are easy to understand.


Intelius is the sister company to The site has been operating since 2003, and its headquarters are in Seattle. It has an A rating from the BBB and an Honor Roll Status by the Online Trust Alliance. Some features they offer include people searches, public records, background checks, reverse phone lookup, identity protection, and criminal record.

It gathers its information from public records and what’s even outstanding is how they organize the data from numerous records and make them accessible to its clients. You can find search results such as phone numbers, marital status, date of birth, email addresses, full names, bankruptcies, criminal records, and others.

People reconnect with old friends like former classmates, colleagues, schoolmates, and neighbors. This is the best website for locating your long-lost relatives or family tree.

With Intelius, you can find information such as age, service providers, and full names of the unknown numbers that call you. You can also get info about a person you are going on a date with for safety purposes. All you need is that person’s first and last name and state. Intelius gives reports on their DUIs, case numbers, misdemeanors and felonies, court dates, and outcomes.

Instant Checkmate

Co-founded by Joey Roco and Kris Kibak, Instant Checkmate has operated since 2010. It has since served more than one million people with its mailing address in California. Instant Checkmate provides features such as inmate search, email search, reverse phone lookup, sex offender database, criminal records, and people search.

The people search feature lets you know where a particular person has lived before and where they live now. Also, you can see people’s ethnicities, phone numbers, dates of birth, professional data, political affiliations, and links to their relatives.

To help locate an inmate, Instant Checkmate searches for their names, last location, and criminal records. You can also look up information about a person you are seeing on a dating app if you are planning a blind date.

Instant Checkmate has an appealing, easy-to-use interface, and you don’t need to input much information to get the desired results.

In the past, only businesses and the government could access these searches, and was one of the websites offering the background check service. It has been operating since 1994. Some of the services offers are people search, social network search, email search, reverse phone lookup, background check, and property records.

When you want to locate your family or friends, can help you find their past and recent location and contact information as long as you know their names and state. You can also reconnect with people by finding their social media accounts like Flickr, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among others. also searches for phone numbers and email details like location, address, and owners’ names, among others. With the property records feature, this site gives you access to title deeds, other properties, and maps. This property information is similar to the one appraisers, and lending companies use.


This website started operating in 2007 and can hold up to 38 million monthly searches. It has the best mobile experience compared to other companies that have apps. Some services you can get from BeenVerified include vehicle lookup, username search, unclaimed money, address lookup, people search and reverse phone and email lookup.

If you know a person’s number or email address, you can use BeenVerified to see who called you or delivered a particular package. You can also know if the number or email is fraudulent or legit.

Once you enter a person’s name, BeenVerified can search for their age, address, legal name, sex offender information, and relatives. You can also check the social media sites they use using one’s login name.

When car manufacturers make cars, they identify them with a VIN or a unique identification number. If you want to get a vehicle, you can use BeenVerified to check if the car is stolen or if it has any accident registries.

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