The Best AWP Under $30 — AWP | Elite Build

| Updated on February 14, 2024

One shot, one kill. Just think about it, you’re the widowmaker in your CS: GO game, equipped with a literal cannon that shoots the enemy team. Now, if you’re going to be a reliable marksman, you need to have a skin for your allies to trust you. What better way to get that done than with AWP | Elite Build? If you’re on a budget and feel like getting a medium-tier skin for your account, then the Elite Build is the way to go!

AWP | Elite Build: It Looks Better in Black

Initially added in 2016 as a part of the Wildfire Collection, you won’t see a lot of AWP Elite Build in the game. It has a sleek, premium design that really makes it stand out. It’s a very underrated skin and probably one of the best options you can get within a $30 price range.

AWP | Elite Build has a dark gray color over its entire body in a camouflage pattern, complemented by the small details and symbols that are made in beige. The beige accent is really what brings this skin to life.

It ain’t the most expensive skin out there, but you can get it even cheaper than on the Steam market by using a trusted third-party CS: GO trading platform, where you can trade all of your skins in a safe and secure environment with multiple payment methods.

AWP | Elite Build Float Values and Skin Conditions

AWP | Elite Build can have a Float Value between 0.00 and 1.00 and is thus available in all conditions.

Factory New

Price: $20.77

There are no abrasions in the Factory New version of this skin.

Minimal Wear

Price: $12.07

In the Minimal Wear version, there are slight abrasions that are barely noticeable as they don’t contrast with the pattern of the skin.


Price: $9.30

For Field-Tested, the abrasions start to become more apparent, and as the Float Value increases, there’s a significant difference.


Price: $9.57 

At the Well-Worn stage for the Elite Build, a lot of the color has worn off from the AWP.


Price: $8.47

There’s a significant change in Battle-Scarred compared to the Factory New version, as at higher values of the float, most of the defining characteristics of the skin will have faded.

Let’s Talk About The Affordable AWP Skins in CS: GO

Now, let’s try to understand all those AWP skins and their affordable pricing. Reading about these models will benefit you immensely because you can easily buy any of them without shaking your high bank balance. To make a better decision while purchasing any AWP models, continue reading about every AWP model and understand what will suit you the best.

AWP/Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)

For those who are in search of an AWP that has proven good reviews and affordable pricing, then I will recommend you to check Hyper Beast once, as it is worth watching in this case. Besides, it won’t be a problem when it comes to purchasing this skin as it is easily available in a variety of different markets globally.

AWP/ Neo-Noir (Minimal Wear)

The most beneficial part of this AWP is that it has the customizable option to create a unique design in such a way that it gives a Neo-Noir finish. Looking at it seems like the device, as mentioned earlier, has a Neo-Noir finish sparkling in blue, blink, and white hues. This model is definitely the perfect match for you if you are a great admirer of these colors.

AWP/ Containment Breach (Field-Tested)

The AWP, Containment Breach, allows the users to customize their paint style with the help of the Containment Breach finish. It specifically has an inbuilt green loadout. In simple, this gun has green-colored skin. All those admirers of green color must add this specific model to their collection.

AWP/ Redline (Minimal Wear)

One of the 118 sniper rifles in the game, the Redline, witnesses such a unique rating because of which this model is also considered “Classified.” That implies how difficult it may become to capture this gun. Since this model is glorified with a rarity rating, it has an estimation of a 3% drop chance only.

AWP/ Mortis (Factory New)

This particular model of CS: GO is in high demand presently, with an approval rating of 95%. Its growing demand is making it increasingly popular, and that’s the leading reason also why you can find it under exciting deals during a certain period of time.

AWP/Man-O’-War (Minimal Wear)

Launched about six years ago, this AWP Man-o’ war skin comes in the Chroma case container. You will notice that it has been painted with a copper color and blue. The brown copperish intensifies the blue color to give the model a royal appeal. Due to its majestic feel, the features are highlighted beautifully.

AWP/ Wildlife (Field-Tested)

This AWP can be customized with any color and this feature is designed in such a beautiful manner that the player can always choose his/her favorite color. Besides, the skin used in this model incorporates an ardent wildfire finish which becomes the best option to choose in heavy battles. It doesn’t lose its hard grip and stays the same in the coming years without any damage or decline in value.

AWP/Fever Dream (Factory New)

It’s suggested not to doubt the reliability of this skin model. You will be surprised to know that players from every corner of the world are highly dependent on this cool CS: GO skin which has 4.9 stars currently. Having all said,  it will be very obvious why the renowned players, including Karrigan, Tarik, and Zeus, use Fever Dream skin.

AWP/ Atheris (Factory New)

If you are trying to grab the best of both ie, good looks and reasonable pricing, then I will advise you to go with the AWP Athersis as it is the best choice for you. You can buy any of your preferred designs from several markets available across the global platforms under affordable pricing. This model is more unique than others because every person can access this model because of its good quality and offer at a low price.

AWP/POP AWP (Factory New)

If we talk about the newly launched model of the AWP skin collection, then it is POP AWP. In terms of its style, it is designed in a Hydrographic style. To paint in such a sophisticated manner, the weapon is disassembled at the first step; then, it is lowered onto the top of the water. This is done with the help of a film that gets stuck to the surface of the gun easily and maintains its cool temperature.

Final Words

The AWP is an excellent weapon for players who are willing to wait for their enemies, but what about players who can’t wait and are ready to run into battle? The first thing these players need to learn is how to use different rifles to shoot accurately. Each gun in CS: GO has a different way of shooting. The players who know these patterns have a better chance than their opponents of winning many duels.

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