Who Can Benefit from Self-Storage in Dubai

| Updated on February 26, 2024

A self-storage unit business is a complete industry in itself. The product involved is a space of any size, such as a locker, a room, a warehouse, etc., that are rented out to people in need. 

Let us suppose that you own self-storage companies in Dubai that are involved in this industry. A business is where the needs of consumers get fulfilled. Therefore you want to facilitate people out there in the misery of not having enough space. For them, you have some spaces around you that are free to get rented out to some people out there. 

However, you know that there is demand for your product, but that does not mean that you will roam around on the streets with keys to your self-storage unit. You have to reach out to the target audience, who can become your consumer once you are able to convince them. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will tell you what group of the population you can target in Dubai to flourish your business. This list includes everyone from homeowners to businessmen. 

  1. Homeowner: Beginning from the ground level, there are a number of people in Dubai who own their private houses and are always looking for some self-storage units there. We all know how easy it gets for a house to start feeling suffocated with home appliances and stuff. There are a lot of things that they do not even need to stay in their rooms.

    This is the situation in which people search for self-storage units top store their items. One more situation can be when they are renovating their homes and do not want to sell the items, people go for some self-storage units to store their stuff until their whole project is done.
  2. Small Business Owners: You all must have heard about the concept of warehouses. Warehouses are storage units where small business owners keep their extra backup products. These self-storage units are more convenient for them.
  3. Students: Dubai is one of the hotspots in the world for higher education. Students from worldwide find Dubai as their dream destination for higher studies. Self-storage units can help these students to find a safe and secure place to store their belongings.

    Since many student accommodations are not big enough and are in congested areas, therefore students rent these storage units to keep their belongings safe. These can be cycles, their daily need items like skates, etc.
  4. Travelers: As we know that people from all over the world come to Dubai to enjoy scenic skylines, skyscrapers, and destinations like Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, etc. these tourists often search for self-storage units to keep their belongings safe and secure.

    These self-storage units give them a sense of security outside their home country. Therefore it is easy that you might find your next potential consumer among travelers.
  5. Expats: Who are ex-pats? Expats are those people who choose to work outside their native country or are transferred abroad by their employers. For some obvious reasons, they cannot stuff all their belongings in their house. Therefore, they search for some secured Self-storages.

    With increasing job and market trends in Dubai, you can find as many customers as you want for your business. Just target the right audience and have patience.
  6. Sports Enthusiasts: Some sports are expensive hobbies. They require a number of equipment. And there are a large number of sports enthusiasts in our society. These people buy goods related to their sports without thinking of their storage needs. That is where your business will come to their attention.

    These players rent special storage cells for their equipment in a safe and sound environment. One thing to keep in mind is that your spaces should be secure, waterproof, and should be immune from any hazard that can cause damage to the items kept inside.
  7. Relocating Residents: There are people relocating their homes 365 days a year. And in a city like Dubai, there will never be a moment in the near future when the real estate businesses will be sitting idle.

    While relocating the residences, it takes weeks and months to find a permanent home. During that period, they choose to rent a temporary space to store their goods and household belongings. Large warehouses where they can store their extra beds or cupboards can really help them.
  8. Artists: Art does not flourish in confined spaces. Artists, primarily painters, and sculptors, need big and open spaces to show their art. Their homes are not big enough to store their large collection of masterpieces. Therefore some of them decide to rent up a self-storage space.

    They generally go for big halls that have proper lighting and space with doors to keep their privacy. If you have any property like this, you can easily get a painter or sculptor attracted to it.
  9. E-Commerce Businesses: How can we forget them? E-commerce has been slightly involved and taking part in each sector of business both directly and indirectly. Since in the e-commerce business model, they do not have any physical stores to serve their customers. These businesses rent out big spaces like warehouses n   to store their goods and directly operate functions like delivery and packaging from there.

    One thing you have to make sure of is making your warehouse compatible with the products that are going to be in there. For example, your property should be fully air-conditioned and well-ventilated if dairy products are going to be stored there. Moreover, your property should be completely secure from any risk of theft or burglary.
  10. Photographers/Videographers: Have you ever been to a studio? Studios are big spaces where videographers, cinematographers, or even photographers have their sets and prompts set up for their shoots. For some indoor shoots, having these sets or prompts is the best option for them instead of owning a whole property.

    These people search for big spaces where they can run their creative minds and fit almost anything inside the space. Even if you have a smaller space, that will still come in handy for some photos or videographers. These spaces can be privately owned by them, but generally, they go for rented spaces.
  11.  Event Planners: Event planners are those professionals who take responsibility for making any event more beautiful and surreal. Building memories is their main goal. To achieve that, they use multiple decorations, stages, and other supplies. It is obvious that they won’t keep all of these supplies at their houses.

    Therefore they rent out Self-storages for the time period that suits them. Generally, they search for garages or small or medium-sized warehouses to keep all of their decorations and supplies like ladders, stages, tents, walls, etc. Your property should be safe and secure to attract more customers.

 Businesses with Seasonal Products: Seasonal products are those products whose demands vary according to the time of the year. For example, fruits like mangoes and watermelon are in large demand during the summer season. Not only fruits, products like Christmas trees that carry a huge demand during the month of December can also be classified as seasonal products.

Businesses that are involved in these products find storage units for them to store their products in a safe space. It is more feasible for them to rent out these spaces rather than to own them, as their trading period is completely based on the time of the year.

John M. Flood

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