Are Implements Necessary for Indian Farmers?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

It is tough for the modern generation to imagine how people did farming using animals. Indian farmers had to apply self-force to plant, water, sow seeds and plough the field. It was both a tiring and time-consuming task. Farmers were spending days and nights on farms with their cattle and families. At that time, tractors or mini tractors were not common in India.

Moreover, the market did not have implements. Self-made implements were used and attached to the back of the cattle. However, these animals also grazed the produce as they needed the energy to do work. Thus, the need for modern tractors and implements developed. Different companies came up with technological advancements to make the lives of farmers easier. Tractors and implements brought productivity to their work. There are several reasons why implements are necessary for Indian farmers.

Increased Crop Production:

One of the critical functions of tractor implements is that they increase farm production. New inventions are designed to save time. Thus, modern implements consume less time but increase production. All farmers want heavy output so that they earn more for their families. Tractor implements change the farming mode of Indian farmers. Farm tractor implements will change your future if you wish for optimal production. 

Monitors Health:

It is a cumbersome task for farmers to check crops’ health. Different implements can be employed to control their health. Insecticides and pesticides can be sprayed using an implement to kill animals and pests that can damage vegetation. Modern implements take a few hours to spray pesticides and fertilizers on a large farm. 

Saves Labour:

Labour shortage is a huge issue in India. Farmers try to save labor as much as possible. Using implements, they can easily replace human efforts with machine labor. Tractors can pull different kinds of implements to perform various farm operations. In India, tractors have further use, including haulage and personal transportation. Hand trawlers were used to carry loads in the past, which was tiring for farmers. Big containers can now be attached to tractors to save transportation time and labor. 

Less Downtime:

A quality implement can handle the workload without demanding unscheduled repairs. A non-functioning piece of machinery is a load on farmers. It is not doing any productive work for farmers and needs repair money. A suitable attachment will offer higher production efficiency, which means higher profits. Increased efficiency also saves money for farmers. They can reinvest this money into other farming businesses. It will keep them ahead of the competition. Indian farmers have a lot to gain from using implements. 


With technology bringing out innovations rapidly, Indian farmers must adopt them quickly. If they are left behind, the country’s agricultural productivity will suffer. It is not suitable for both farmers and the nation. Farmers need to increase their output as inflation rises to gain more profits. Modern farming demands different equipments for every farm process. Bed shape planter can be used to apply fertilizer and seeds. A fodder cutter is helpful for chopping purposes. If you want to level the land or prepare the soil, you can take the help of the rear and front blades. A modern farmer knows how to save and make money through farm mechanization. 

Tractor Implements and their Uses

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, impacting several livelihoods directly and indirectly. A tractor is of no use if there are no implements attached. Farmers can attach implements at three positions: rear, mid and front. The tractor industry has undergone tremendous developments with the adoption of tractor implements. This section will show how different implements can assist Indian farmers and why they should adopt them. 


This implement is an upgraded plough. Farmers use ploughs for basic cultivation. A harrow cuts into the surface layers and breaks them up. It is primarily employed for secondary tillage and soil preparation. In addition, this implement can level hard soil and eliminate weeds. A harrow is perfect for developing a suitable seedbed for crops. Farmers need smooth surfaces to plant seeds. This implement can also mix the crop remains along with the surface layers. Thus, a single implement can perform multiple tasks for farmers. 


This tractor implement is used for ploughing or breaking the soil into fine particles. This process is important before sowing the seeds as it turns the ground more nutritious and fertile. It can also be used to remove the weeds on the field. The cultivator has teeth-like structures that dig deep into the ground. It helps farmers to benefit from effective farming operations. Due to this, cost-effective production can be availed. It would be best if you bought a good-quality cultivator for pulverizing the field. It is a must-have implement before starting the cropping season. 


This implement is the best for seedbed preparation. It has several blades to cut, pulverize, mix and level the ground. It is a cost-effective implement as it can replace levelers, disc harrows, and cultivators. It not only breaks up the soil but also churns soil particles. This process is essential for aerating the soil and improving the field’s drainage. In addition, the amount of time and fuel farmers spend on the farm is also reduced by using this implement. Proper soil aeration will increase the oxygen level of the soil, ensuring the correct cropping of nutritious crops. 


Farmers need to carry huge loads from farms to warehouses or markets for sale. For Indian farmers, tractors are the primary vehicle for transportation purposes. A trailer adds to the main tractor body to increase its load-carrying capability. It is a spacious tool that fulfills the accommodation needs of the farmers. Based on usage, different kinds of trailers are available in the market. Advanced trailers use hydraulics to improve their control and power. Vans and cars can only lift so much and are under pressure with big loads. It can also cause accidents as these vehicles can get unbalanced quickly. Thus, it is recommended that you buy a suitably sized trailer to transport oversized loads.

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