How to Road Trip with Your Pet?

| Updated on November 11, 2022

Summer times are excellent for road trips, maybe autumn too. The scenery around open roads is exciting as other activities you get to relish. In recent years many now take their pets on road trips. And why not? After all, they are family too. Here, we have compiled a list of important information to help you go on a road trip with your pet.

Book a Rental 

Booking accommodation and a rental car are one of the first things to consider. Depending on the length of your trip, accommodation may be necessary. A road trip that takes days will require you to book accommodation. When you book, always keep your pet in mind. Many facilities allow pets but not all. It’s recommended you call ahead of time to verify if pets are allowed where you choose to stay.

A rental car will come in handy unless you own an SUV or can. A spacious car is ideal if you bring your dog, cat, or other pet with you on a road trip. It gives enough room for pet kits while the rest of the occupants sit comfortably, too (if any). You can search for a RealCar – rental service to get a vehicle. It’s best to search for a premium or luxury vehicle because you need a reliable automobile for such journeys. 

Premium cars are reliable regarding terrain, comfort, and reliability, among other things. Always book in advance when you intend to use a rental vehicle or accommodation during your trip. You can book even now if you’d like to use a rental car for your upcoming road trip — it’s never too early. 

Food, Medication, and Documentations 

Unlike you, your pet can’t eat just anything at restaurants along the road. Hence, bring your pet’s food along. Medications are also necessary. Endeavor to take enough for the trip and add a little more in case of delays or if you wish to stay back a few days. Always play safe by sticking to the meals your dog is familiar with to avoid stomach upset, among other things. And because of an emergency, medical documentation may be necessary. 

Medical documents are even more critical when traveling interstate. A first aid kit should be part of the essentials to pack. While you’ll ensure to keep your pet safe, the possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out. A first aid kit will come in handy in case of a minor injury or any other small incident. 

Collars and GPS 

Of course, you don’t want to forget the pet’s leash if it needs one. But with or without a leash, a GPS tracker or microchip should be part of your packing list. A tracker will help you find your pet if it goes missing. While this is never a reason to be careless with your pet, a tracker is an excellent way to find your pet should it get lost. Additionally, you may want to have a recent picture of your pet. 


You may probably enjoy sticking out your arms or the head of the vehicle while on a road trip. The feeling can be beautiful. However, dangers abound as much as you want your pet to enjoy free movement in the car. So, get your pet’s crate, safety harness, or seat belt. This may be applicable if you own a cat or dog. Other types of pets also have their safety gear to keep them safe. 

Additional Tips 

  • When you book a car, one of the reminders you get, among others, is never to keep your pet in the vehicle unattended or locked. Pets left in a car are at risk of heat-related disorder or death. 
  • Frequent breaks are recommended when traveling with a pet. Taking a break is almost a must in some situations, like long journeys. It will prevent your pet from getting cranky.
  • Keep your pet entertained! It’s essential to take stops to have short fun times with your pet. Since you’re on a road trip, sometimes stop to play a little with your pet to make the journey interesting. 

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on a road trip with your favorite pet — and don’t forget to have fun yourself!



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