Top 5 Network Security Vulnerabilities that can Affect Businesses

| Updated on March 27, 2024

As more companies have started to conduct their businesses online mostly because of the COVID-19 situation, the digital world is expanding to a great extent naturally. Since there is a drastic increase in our digital activities, so does the criminal attack. Yes, wake up people as the criminal’s desire to attack your system is also increased thereby leading to computer security threats. 

We have noticed that the majority of the big companies across the globe have experienced a wide range of cybercrimes in the past few years. From data breaches to unauthorized access of one’s system to the digital impersonations of CEOs and whatnot. Everything is happening right in front of our eyes and there is nothing we or our organizations can do once an attack is made. 

Even though everybody knows that cybercriminals are becoming smarter and more strategic, no one is actually putting up a fight against them. But if we really want our data to stay safe then it is very important that we organizations start investing in our security as well.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 network security vulnerabilities that can affect businesses. Arranging appropriate Computer Networking Certification Training Courses for professional teams can avoid such vulnerabilities. By taking a look at these security vulnerabilities, one can at least get an idea about how they can destroy our data. 

Stats and Facts:

Did you know?

  • In the year 2016, 95% of the breached records came from just three industries.
  • 43% of the cyberattacks tend to target small businesses.
  • Similarly, the average cost of data break across SMBS was around $3.9 million globally.
  • In September 2020, 9.7 million healthcare records were compromised. 
  • Moreover, 95% of the cybersecurity breaches only occur due to human error.
  • There are 77% of the organizations that do not even have a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan.
  • After every breach, share prices fall 7.27%.
  • Lastly, it takes around 6 months for the majority of the businesses to detect a data breach. 

These stats and facts clearly show the impact cyberattacks put on our businesses.

Top 5 Network Security Vulnerabilities Affecting Businesses:

Below you can find all the details about the top 5 network security vulnerabilities affecting businesses.

Phishing Attacks:

This is a type of attack where the hacker is pretending to be someone you know or trust. This can be your boss or anyone from your organization or business. The most common example that fits here is the hacker emailing you from a very familiar or slightly altered email address.

The hacker emails you a link and asks you to go to a particular website or follow the link. Then asks you to log into your account and enter your details. The moment you enter all your personal details, the hacker would get all the information in real-time. 

Studies have shown that this attack is responsible for 78% of all cybercrimes. 

Malware Attacks:

This is another kind of attack that can affect businesses to a great extent. This attack encloses in it multiple cyber threats like Trojans and other viruses. It is a varied term for malicious code that is created by the hacker to gain access to different networks thereby stealing or destroying data on computers. This can come from any source like spam emails or downloading something from a malicious website or connecting to an infected device or machine. This type of attack can give a third-party access to all your data.

Cloud Jacking:

This is a process in which cloud computing is infiltrated by a third party. As soon as a hacker manages to enter your company cloud, he can reconfigure the cloud code and manipulate all your sensitive data. He may even try to eavesdrop on employees and company communications and can also take control of the entire cloud. Similarly, cybercriminals will also use this opportunity to develop a variety of phishing schemes. This will be done by uploading fake memos or instructions etc and then forwarding them to all the employees. Now the employees will believe the instructions are from the company and would follow them which can harm the company.

Mobile Malware:

The use of working from mobile has increased a lot. Not just the employees use mobile for work but many professionals have also started to move from desktops to either laptops or smartphones. And this is the part where the chances of cybercrimes increase to a drastic extent. Mobile malware is specifically used on mobile devices for malicious purposes, a majority of the employees have started to access and store the company’s data on mobile devices.

Insider Threats:

Last on our list is Insider Threats which as posed by employees have affected 34% of the businesses around the world. The insider threats can happen by the employees intentionally or even accidentally out of ignorance. As more employees have started to work remotely, the chances of insider threats increase even more. And that is why organizations must take extra precautions to curb insider threats. 


Cyber threats are and have been real all this time and yet the majority of the organizations don’t pay attention to them unless it happens to them. The above top 5 network security vulnerabilities that can affect businesses are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more network vulnerabilities that can put the Security Threats of the entire business at risk. So we urge all companies/businesses to wake up and pay attention to the harm that cyber threats have and can do to us and take necessary measures to prevent any attack in the future.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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