Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Youtube to MP4 Converter

| Updated on November 8, 2023

YouTube to MP4 Converter Online is becoming the need of more and more people. Everyone wants to download their favorite videos and store them on their local devices to watch as many times as they want, even without the Internet. However, the fact that Online YouTube Converters have mushroomed with various advertisements has raised many concerns for users, especially the newbie. Today, we will answer frequently asked questions for those new to this tool and suggest the best converters for use.

1. Is it free?

Most online converters today are completely free. Even many online platforms like FreeDownloadHq offer free services without any ads.

Although advertising is a massive part of websites’ profits, many websites are so focused on profits that they forget about the user experience. They arrange many pop-up ads that make users annoyed, even offensive because many ads have sensitive content. FreeDownloadHq is ads-free. This means you can use the service for free without being bothered by any ads.

2. Can I convert a YouTube video to full HD quality?

It’s possible if you choose the right tool.

We highly recommend users to use Youtube Converters that support multiple resolutions, such as FreeDownloadHq, Youtube MP4, or YouTube Downloader (YTD). These tools allow users to choose different resolutions, from SD to HD and even Full HD, to serve different purposes. However, the higher the resolution, the longer it takes to download the video. Therefore, if you want to get high-quality video, you have to wait patiently. To get the best experience, Youtube to MP4 1080p will be the best choice.

In addition, current Online Youtube Video Converters can only convert and download the given video to its highest quality but cannot upgrade low-resolution videos. To do this, you need to use other professional software.

VideoProc Converter

Embedded with a free downloader engine, VideoProc Converter lets you download videos, audio, and playlists from 1000+ sites, including YTB, Facebook, etc. Compared to other online video downloading sites and tools, VideoProc Converter allows you to bulk download media with original resolution. Both downloading and converting video files are processed faster thanks to GPU hardware acceleration.

Copy the URL of the video/music you want to download, then click ‘Paste URL & Analyze’, then VideoProc Converter will auto-analyze the URL and present you a list of downloading options. Select the output format and click Download Now to start downloading.

32. Is it safe for my device?

Yes and No.

Yes, in case you use reputable, reliable online converters that do not contain harmful viruses. Like FreedownloadHQ, for example, you can see on their website that they don’t have any pop-up ads, which can make the site trustworthy and reduce the chances of getting a virus from clicking on the wrong pop-ups- annoying ads.

On the contrary, No when you use pirated websites that contain many suspicious ads. There have been many cases of installing the wrong software or accidentally downloading harmful viruses to the computer when clicking on the ads on the website by mistake.

4. Is it possible to download a Livestream?

Most Online Youtube to MP4 Converters currently do not allow downloading Livestream videos.

However, many websites will soon update this feature to bring the best experience to users.

5. Can I convert and download unlisted videos on YouTube?

The answer is yes, as long as the videos are available online.

Only videos that violate copyright cannot be downloaded. The rest, users can easily download any video with the resolution they want. Many tools even allow downloading videos on platforms other than Youtube, such as Daily Motion or Facebook (Youtube Downloader (YTD) or music streaming platforms (SaveClipBro).

6. Can I stay anonymous when converting & downloading videos?

Many top-notch Youtube Downloaders today do not require users to register an account to use, typically FreeDownloadHQ. This will give you peace of mind about information security, avoiding personal information disclosure and data theft. And if you do not need to store the Video URLs you have downloaded, staying anonymous will be a perfect choice.

Conversely, if you’re willing to register an account for convenient storage of downloaded videos at FreeDownloadHQ, you can also be assured entirely of security when they use secured SSL encryption to preserve the security of your data. That means any third party cannot read the data shared by users with the server.

7. What is the best Youtube to mp4 converter online?

Currently, on the market, there are many tools to help convert and download videos from Youtube, including online converters and offline software that require users to download and install on their computers. For more information, you can refer to our article 5 Best Online Free Youtube Converter Tool: Get Your Video With An Ease.

Which tool to choose will depend on your needs. However, we recommend you use free online tools that do not require a login and support many types of formats. This will save you time and money, especially if you want to convert and download multiple videos at once or convert one video to many different forms.


In short, Youtube to MP4 Converter is no longer strange to users. However, to choose the best converter, users should still take time to consider the cost, convenience, speed, and efficiency of the tools available on the market. We hope this article can partly help you answer your concerns and find the most suitable converter for you.

Janvi Panthri

Computer and Peripherals, Social Media Expert

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