Reasons to Avail Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

| Updated on March 27, 2024

High school graduates and non-traditional learners can make the most of online classes. They come with an array of benefits. In our digitally powered world, online education has seen massive popularity, especially in the last few years, and it will be so in the times to come. The pandemic has pushed several things online in the last two years.

However, that did not curtail the industry’s demand for reskilling and upskilling. It was one of the primary reasons for the surge in students searching for the best free online courses with certificates. It also has much to do with the many benefits of online education.

What are these pros motivating people to switch to online education? Below we will discuss them one by one. 

Freedom to Learn Whatever You Want

Physical classrooms have a few limitations. These include:

  1. Interest – In a physical classroom, you cannot get a class merely because you wish to learn a subject. So, if schools see a decline in students’ interest in the subject, they will eliminate that class. 
  2. Staffing – A school has to hire new people constantly to meet the turnover. On the contrary, sometimes they may cut stuff to keep up with the financial projections.  
  3. Syllabi – Typically, the colleges, universities, and continuing education courses follow a fixed curriculum. It seldom considers extra things that students may be interested in learning. 
  4. Budget – Universities, and colleges work on a budget. Hence, they cannot hire professionals to teach everything a student hopes to learn. Thus, they adhere to the curricula to meet the highest demand.  

All of these limitations are discarded by online learning since it allows education to flourish. You can find courses for every subject and topic you can imagine under the sun on the internet. Also, if you cannot find a particular class, you can create one. There are both free and paid courses.

So, despite the budget, you can always find a session that meets your needs. You can check out some popular online sessions on TangoLearn.  

In addition, when you have a tutor guiding you, you can request them to take the subject as deeply as you hope for it to get. This era of online instruction has created an insatiable appetite for information.

Even though the freely available education may not cover the whole length and breadth of the subject, they still help form a base. Once your foundation is solid, you can take specialized sessions to acquire more intensive knowledge.

Further, online learning also eliminates every personal barrier, restricting people from educating themselves. For instance, some subjects have cultural taboos or connotations associated with them.

Consequently, in-person learning may be challenging to find for such subjects. But, you can pursue the same education online sans fear of reprisal or judgment. 

It is Easier to Attend.

For a physical class, you get up early, get ready, move your way out, navigate the roads, and reach the campus. However, such is not the case with an online class.

Regardless of where you may be and how difficult the conditions are, you can attend the sessions, provided you have your computer and internet connection. So, be it your couch, a coffee shop, or your bed, you can take the class, even in your night suit, as you sip your juice or coffee. 

It is Flexible

When you study online, you and your professor can set the timing to learn at your pace. Hence, you have the flexibility to learn at your time and schedule. Consequently, online education platforms ensure a streamlined balance of studies and work.

Thus, depending on your schedule, you can plan your day. You do not have to compromise or sacrifice one thing to accommodate another. 

In addition, online learning also teaches you time management. Hence, it gets easier for you to find a work-study balance. The instructor and the learner have a shared agenda, greater autonomy, and a desire to accept new responsibilities in an online setup. 

Also, some online classes are instructor-led, while most are self-paced. There will be a time and schedule you to follow in the former, but in the latter, you can learn whenever it deems fit.

It Bags You Bonus Points for Your Resume.

Job hunters hoping to boost their resumes can also benefit massively from online learning. It is not easy finding a new job. It is a full-time commitment. Thus, you may not always have the time to rush to your campus to learn the newly added skills.

But, you can always find online courses that can help embellish your resume much faster than a traditional classroom setup. Hence, you do not have to wait several weeks or months to include newer skills in your resume.

If the idea is to better your resume, you must look for courses that apply to your ideal job or skill set. Alternatively, you can also consider gaining skills that make you a better candidate than the rest. 

Let us understand this with an example.

You wish to be a structural engineer. So, to find a job in the field, you can enroll yourself in the latest version of AutoCAD. Alternatively, you can also find a data entry class, which might motivate the hiring managers to give your resume a second glance. This effort from your end depicts your sincerity about your career and nudges the hiring committee to prefer you over others. 

Fortunately, even if the course only tangentially relates to your job description, looking at these bonus skills, your prospective employer will get an impression that you are perennially interested in learning new skills and advancing your knowledge base.

Also, you may not know, but even one extra skill can give you an edge over others, and you may even get the job with 100s of applicants. 

You Do Not Have to Quit.

You often quit the job to get a college degree because it may get challenging for some students to maintain a balance between study and work. Of course, if you have time management skills and discipline, there is nothing you cannot do. 

You do not have to attend the session at a particular time and hour in an online class. So, you can cater to your study and job commitments as per your time and schedule. Thus, there is no need for you to quit, and you can manage both.

So, these are the top five reasons you can consider availing of an online course. Have more reasons to add? Please share them with us in the comments below.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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