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| Updated on March 21, 2024

The year 2020 transformed the whole landscape of education, outpacing and surpassing traditional learning environments. Like many other industries, the education sector was seriously impacted by the pandemic’s aftermath and has suffered as a result. Despite the unexpected difficulties, schools and universities were able to navigate their way through by depending on digital tools and technologies.

The recent coronavirus outbreak is not the only factor contributing to the popularity of online learning. It is predicted that the global online education industry will develop significantly in future years due to the emergence of flexible learning technologies in both the corporate and educational sectors. The fact that online learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future is unquestionable. 

Therefore, Universities and colleges are compelled to establish new methods of administering tests due to the massive transition to online education. As a result, there has been a rise in the demand for online proctoring software.

In this article, we will explore what online proctoring software is and the features and benefits to its users.

What is Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring software is a customized software program built specifically for online exams that allow students to take a test online from any location they want. A webcam, microphone, and access to the student’s computer screen are used to observe the student during an online exam to detect cheating-like conduct.

A typical exam proctoring software comes with ID verification, automated monitoring, computer lockdown, and professional evaluation. Online proctoring software utilizes automation and live proctoring using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a secure and confidential environment for conducting online exams. Here are a few key features of what AI-enabled proctoring software like ProctorEdu can achieve for you:

Automatic Authorization

As part of the exam, the software’s artificial intelligence system compares the current candidate’s photo with any previous image from registration data to establish a “match index,” ensuring that the correct individual is sitting in the exam.

Facial Recognition

Online proctoring software recognizes the student’s face and verifies that a legitimate candidate is administering the exam. At the same time, it checks to see if the candidate is still live and issues a notification if the candidate’s face does not match or if there are several faces.

Live Pop-in

 This feature is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence (AI) or automated proctoring and live online proctoring in one convenient package. Using artificial intelligence, a remote live proctor can join a student’s proctored exam session in real-time to handle any concerns throughout the session.

Mobile Phone Detection

When a student attempts to use a mobile phone or other secondary devices to access test bank content during the exam, this function identifies it. It can record a screen recording to offer evidence of the infringement. This feature can be turned on and off as needed.

Paper-Based Online Exam Proctoring

This feature allows instructors to tailor exam settings and include notes for the remote proctors, allowing them to use scratch paper and any other permissible items, such as a calculator or book used to finish the exam. Test proctors will receive explicit instructions, and they will not be required to interrupt the student throughout the testing process.

Audio Analytics Services

Online proctoring software includes algorithms for analyzing audio feeds to ensure that the speech evaluated in real-time matches the voice sample obtained before the exam.

Benefits of Using an Online Proctoring Software

Following are some of the advantages of using online proctoring software:


Using online test software, students can take online exams at any time and from any location they want. It reduces the effort of examiners because it is completely automated. The software also allows for almost rapid integration of proctoring with any learning management system (LMS) or recruiting management system.

Protects Students’ Personal Information

Online proctoring software preserves students’ privacy and assists educational institutions in upholding the highest academic standards.

Prevents Cheating

Online proctoring software identifies suspicious behavior, recognizes the authentic identities of test-takers, and bans the usage of unapproved applications to prevent cheating. 

No Schedule Issues

Online proctoring software allows students to arrange their exams at a convenient time for them — 24/7 through the year. They can also change the exam date/time without charging extra fees.

Speeds Up the Review Process and Provides Real-Time Monitoring

The use of online monitoring software saves instructors a lot of time to evaluate students. Immediately after the students finish their tests, the testing data is processed and returned to the instructor.


Online proctoring software generates automatic, quick, reliable, and appropriate results for the event. If you wish to save time and resources when administering exams online, this is the method for you. It has been built specifically to allow students to take online tests safely and securely.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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