Voip Fraud On The Rise

| Updated on March 1, 2024

The arrival of many sophisticated digital technologies has turned the world upside down and changed the way people interact with each other and do business. Many new tools of telecommunications have become handy and appropriate, not only for small and big enterprises, but for internet users as well. The entire world is definitely changing but as always, everything that’s good has its counterpart.

Great risks of security and protection of valuable information come along with this rise of digital technology. In recent times, criminals have found a way to access crucial data for nothing more than illegal monetary gain through cloud communications and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP service providers from all over the world offer phone numbers with any area code, no matter where they are actually located. Although this new technology works as an alternative for customers to save money and keep them from sharing their personal telephone number, cybercriminals take advantage of it to perform all kinds of scam such as fake phone calls over the internet pretending to be a part of a legitimate business, in order to collect personal and financial information.

Since VoIP phone services aren’t tied to a specific location and have become more accessible and affordable to everyone, the high level of anonymity they provide allows fraudsters to mask their identities and geographical locations. Without a doubt, internet is becoming a fertile ground for criminal activity.

How Does Voip Work?

A Voice over Internet Protocol service transmits phone calls using high-speed internet connections instead of traditional land-based telephone lines. It acts as an intermediary between the caller and the recipient’s device, since calls don’t travel directly from one to another. 

Even though VoIP is all about saving time, money and resources, it also leads to more cyber-attacks. Criminals can conveniently connect VoIP equipment to their computers or smartphones in order to record calls and steal important and private information from conversations.

Despite the limitless features of this innovative and evolving technology that is transforming the way people communicate, it is currently blocked in many countries due to several criminal activities that have called the attention of the law. VoIP fraud has turned into a lucrative illegal business and, as it keeps growing, strategies to beat this system must become more complex and powerful. 

Types Of Scam

Below, are some typical techniques scammers like to use to acquire sensitive information and get away with it:

  • HOSTED SCAM – some cybercriminals target a VoIP service provider and try to access into the network as they leverage default passwords and small security measures. 
  • WHITELIST SCAM – there are attackers that find easy access to people’s VoIP service accounts and place their own IP on their whitelist, in order to allow themselves to make calls on their expense.
  • REGISTRATION SCAM – before being able to make calls, some scammers complete packed based authentication from a VoIP service provider. 

The main problem with these types of scams is the difficulty to trace them, which makes it quite tough (even impossible) to catch scammers. The above are just some examples of fraudulent activities that criminals are constantly coming up with to innovate the way they attack. For this reason, it is advisable to learn more about them and to be aware of any suspicious activities when using the network. 

How To Reduce The Risk Of Fraud?

There is no doubt VoIP’s popularity has increased lately. Business people and internet users from around the globe are switching to this virtual telephony to communicate easier and faster, which is why criminals have recently acquired all kinds of VoIP devices as their primary tools for illegal activities in the network.

Attacks through VoIP are becoming more sophisticated, making it hard to differentiate a legitimate call from an attempt of robbery. Even though fraud can happen at any time, there are many precautions that should be taken so that personal and financial information is protected from cybercriminals.

Following the best security practices, monitoring VoIP outbound calls and having a right coordination with VoIP service providers are just a few ways to prevent businesses and internet users from becoming preys to cyber-attacks. 

Is Shutting Down Voip Providers A Good Choice?

VoIP services surely make communications easy, convenient and cheap, but just like every service that aims to innovate the way people get in touch, they can be targeted by hackers for really bad purposes. 

One could think that eliminating VoIP is the right way to end with this problem, when actually, it may create a challenge for honest business people and internet users around the world. Their need for such advanced technology increases as it facilitates their daily activities and improves their performance at much lower costs.

The truth is that not everyone looks for VoIP services to be part of fraudulent activities. Some desire to expand their business overseas without traveling abroad, others don’t want to share their phone numbers online and many just wish to use different platforms on the internet without attaching their accounts to their real numbers. 

The most convenient way to reduce VoIP fraud is to exploit this industry the best way possible. Nowadays, a very common use of VoIP telephony is the online account verification, which can be done through Non-Fixed VoIP numbers.

More usually referred to as Non VoIP numbers, they are used to verify accounts in all kinds of platforms like Craigslist, LinkedIn, Tinder, Amazon, Gmail, Yahoo, Telegram, Uber and even Microsoft, with no risk of blocking since these numbers come from real SIM cards.

The Epsilon Technology LTD company operates one of the most reliable Non VoIP numbers providers, called VerifyWithSMS. This service offers USA phone numbers under the best telephone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Spectrum, at very affordable prices.

With customers from the US and Brazil, to the UK and India, VerifyWithSMS has definitely become the pioneer of bypassing account verifications via text message. It counts with a variety of payment methods available for everyone, everywhere.

Without a doubt, this service is simple, fast and reliable. Find yourself within the small group of people who seek to do good on the web. Go ahead and register today!

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