5 Most Typical Mobile App Development Assignments

| Updated on March 4, 2024

If you love computer science and app development, you have probably chosen a college that helps you develop your hard skills. But college years are full of assignments that aim to help you improve not only your hard skills but also soft ones. Research, organizing, time management are just a few of the skills you constantly improve when you work on an assignment. 

You need to make a strategy for your app, decide what coding language to use, and so on. In the case of some assignments, these are decided by your professor, but there are many other parts where you can decide and add more value. So, want to know which are the most typical mobile app development assignments? Here are five of them. 

1. Android App Development 

For your app development course, you will have, of course, to develop an app. Some professors might grant you full freedom to choose how you want to do it and which strategy to use. Two main types of coding languages depend on the operating systems of the phones. And the first assignment you may get is to develop an android app. Android apps can usually be written using Java, C++, or Kotlin languages. 

You may find online or get from your professor an Android development kit where you should have all the software you need to develop an Android app. However, you can use other coding languages as well. There are a few steps you need to go through when you develop an app and the first one is to decide upon the strategy. You might also need to write a paper and document your development process. If you need assignments help, get the help of a custom assignment writing service. Some students are better at writing code than documenting the steps, so there is nothing wrong with asking a professional for help. 

2. iOS App Development 

The second type of mobile app development assignment could be to develop a mobile app for iOS. iOS is the software you will see on iPhones. So, you might get the assignment to develop an app for iPhone users. Swift is the programming language you need to use to develop an iOS app and it is a very intuitive one. 

Students research different alternatives, but if you want to build a functional mobile app for iOS, this is the right choice. Swift seems to be a loved programming language by developers because it comes with modern features that make the entire development process easier and more pleasant. 

3. Apps with SQL Databases 

Besides building a mobile app either for Android or iOS, there are a lot of other requirements you might get from your professor. For example, you might need to develop an app that has an SQL database. Expect to see diverse requirements that aim to make you use the knowledge you have learned in previous courses. 

However, you might be asked to use Microsoft Azure Databases as well, so pay attention to these requirements because they truly make a difference in the app development process. 

4. Order Process with Sign in Page 

Mobile apps are developed with a specific aim or goal in mind. Some of them help you learn more about specific topics. Others help you relax and have fun such as games. Others help you find the products you love and order them online. One typical mobile app development assignment is to develop an app that has a sign-in page and an order process integrated. This might be one of the first assignments that will teach you a lot. 

5. New Features App

Even though some mobile app assignments come with some requirements and guidelines to follow, such as including a list, some professors encourage you to use and discover new features. Many of them want to see if you have API knowledge so that you will discover new Android features for example. Adding a menu on your screen, including numbered lists, videos or images are just a few of the features you can add. And they also allow you to express your creativity. 

Ending Note 

As technology is developing more and more, new programming languages, hardware, and software options appear. As a student who is passionate about computer science and app development, you might get quite a few tasks with this main requirement: developing a mobile app. 

Some of these assignments might require you to use a specific programming language, while others allow you to discover new features and unleash your creativity. Take a look at the current mobile app development trends and discover how Artificial intelligence is changing the technological world of gadgets and apps. Stay curious and willing to work with different software products or programming languages to develop your skills. 

Bio lines: Vendy Adams is a content writer passionate about computer science. She is proficient in Java, C++, and now she is learning Swift. Vendy’s dream is to found her own company.

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