• How are Bitcoins Stored? What are the Types of Wallets?

    | Updated on February 10, 2022

    Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency, which means it has no physical appearance and is required to be stored physically. It is impossible to store a virtual currency technically. If you are a newbie that has entered the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to know certain things. The main question that users arise is, what is after owning cryptocurrency? How is it stored? What are digital wallets?

    Like storing traditional currencies, bank accounts and wallets are required, storing cryptocurrency like bitcoin can be stored in wallets. It is crucial to take proper care of your money and store it to keep it away from thievery. There are many differences between bank accounts and bitcoin wallets, but the main is security. Bitcoin wallets are secured, but it is important to handle them with more care. The users of wallets are responsible for handling their wallets in bitcoin, and the banks handle the wallets in traditional currencies.

    The digital wallets need to be protected with digital security. Users need to have complete knowledge about the bitcoin address, public and private key. These two keys are used to send and receive bitcoins. It is crucial to protect the private keys properly because they help in sending bitcoins. The user must use high-security ways to protect bitcoins as if you once lose your bitcoins; you can never recover them. To make a profit in shares and cryptocurrencies, visit the crypto trader website

    Various Types of Bitcoin Wallets

    The bitcoins are stored in a bitcoin wallet, and there are various types of bitcoin wallets, which we will explore in this article. It doesn’t matter which wallet you choose; it is imperative to back up and secure the bitcoin wallet.

    Desktop Wallet

    Some of the desktop wallets are also referred to as a cold storage wallet. Desktop wallets are the kind of software the users are required to download and install into their computer to complete a bitcoin transaction. This wallet is complicated for beginners, as it has advanced features and offers high-security options to users. The most popular types of desktop wallets are Electrum and Exodus. 

    Web Wallet

    Web wallets are the online wallets that handle the private keys of wallets online. The main advantage of a web wallet is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and by this, it is easy to make transactions. The private key in the web wallet is stored by a third-party, and that third-party is in charge of the private keys of your wallet. It is important to connect to the website properly and have a good internet connection as if not done properly, it may provide third-party access.

    Hardware Wallet

    The hardware wallet is also referred to as cold storage, and this wallet is considered the best wallet to store bitcoins. Most of the bitcoin holders trust the hardware wallet and consider it the safest of all. These wallets are easily portable and are user-friendly. The hardware wallet stores the private keys in dedicated devices, which help in facilitating payments faster. The most common and popular types of hardware wallets are KeepKey wallet, Ledger USB wallet, and Trezor wallet.  

    Paper Wallet

    The safest wallet from all wallets is the paper wallet. A paper wallet stores the bitcoin offline, which is the main reason it is considered the safest. It provides proper control of keys to users and prints the keys in QR form, which can be scanned easily. A huge number of tools are available that help create a paper wallet. A paper wallet’s main disadvantage is that these are in printed form and can be easily destroyed.

    Mobile Wallet

    The users who use bitcoin regularly require a wallet that they can carry and help complete the transactions fast. With mobile wallets, this has become easy because mobile wallets are practical and easily accessible. The mobile wallets are for users who keep a small number of bitcoins and use them regularly. It is not advised for investors who want to store a huge amount of bitcoins to use a mobile wallet. The users can easily pay at shops using their mobile device.

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