Reckoning Most in Demand Business Administration Degrees

| Updated on March 27, 2024

When talking about the business industry, the right role and skills can easily score you a well-paid job. Most, if not all, business careers have an average six-figure income. Therefore, doing business-related jobs to earn more than twice the annual average wage for all occupations. And though high-paying business jobs are available out there, you will need to come prepared. For starters, a six-figure salary is not possible without a solid educational background. Thus, here are some of the most in-demand business administration degrees that can get you the well-paid job you dream of.


Possibly the most pursued, traditional college degree for business professionals is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). An MBA serves as a fantastic option for individuals willing to advance into high-paying, managerial roles. Essentially, individuals interested in business studies are likely to opt for the degree. But with the numerous perks it offers, undergraduates from different fields choose an MBA as their graduate program. Doing so allows them to diversify their skills, making it possible for technical individuals to undertake corporate jobs. 

The MBA is viable through different options, including an alternate program of Executive MBA. However, one cannot help but ask: what is the difference between MBA and Executive MBA? The answer is that the MBA is an incredible business degree for professionals who wish to advance in their organization but by managing a strict schedule. However, EMBA can serve as a valuable asset for professionals possessing 10-15 years of work experience with a convenient plan.

The standard MBA program requires full-time graduates to spend two years for its completion. But in recent years, college programs have diversified for both part-time students and online attendees. Nevertheless, as an MBA graduate, you can take on top executive roles. It can also serve as a gateway to several lucrative career paths for individuals possessing technical skills. 


The standard graduate degrees in finance are MBA in finance or a specialized finance program. The latter serves as an incredible option for individuals looking to dive deeper into the business industry. While the MBA in finance is applicable for the same purpose, it branches out the program into several other fields and subjects. Earning a master’s degree in finance can have several benefits. For starters, companies and organizations are often on the lookout for such professionals. Even better, you can complete the entire program in one year — half the time it usually takes to earn a master’s degree. 

Primarily, the master’s in finance helps individuals attain a job as a financial manager. The critical role played by these managerial experts is to supervise the finances of the company. They are responsible for creating financial statements, tax calculations, predictive analysis, and multiple other responsibilities. 


Are you on the lookout for some great career choices in the market? Combine business and technology. As modern trends have shifted mainly towards the digital world, a computer science degree holds excellent value for thriving businesses. But to score jobs that pay even higher, your computer knowledge may prove insufficient. Developing a firm background in business studies and practices will give you the boost you desire, helping companies achieve their objectives in the long run. 

Bearing these aspects in mind, attaining a bachelor’s degree in management information systems is a superb option. The program incorporates business with maths, coding, software development, and a few other options. After graduation, you will be leaving the college premises with a deep understanding of coding, technology, and how business works. Your degree in MIS will help you get different jobs, especially as a Systems Manager. 


Marketing is one of the aspects an average person would deem pointless. However, after close inspection and evaluation, marketing is what makes or breaks a business. If the company/business fails to market the product, why will the customer buy the product? Despite the nature of the business, marketing and sales professionals are a necessity for the team. Studying marketing as your bachelor’s major will allow you to comprehend consumer behavior and gain the ability to influence their decisions.

When enrolled as a marketing major, your coursework will generally focus on different subjects. These may include advertising, sales, market research, strategic management, and marketing management. Besides the marketing aspect, you can expect yourself to partake in finance, statistics, economics, and analytics. Due to future trends, the programs will undoubtedly focus on digital marketing as well. Social media marketing, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing are some examples of what you’ll be learning. 


All companies and organizations require supplies to run their routine operations. From retailers to manufacturers, supply management is the specific term used to obtain supplies and goods for the company’s use like office chairs . Supply chain management and logistics are other terms for supply management. Ideally, the coursework consists of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Supply Chain strategies, and manufacturing plans.

Being a supply chain manager, you will be developing business plans to obtain products for the company. You will also be responsible for deciding the quality of obtained supplies while maintaining good relationships with vendors. Once graduated, you can work as a purchasing manager, earning at least $70,000. 


The aspiration to rise to a highly-paid job position in the world requires considerable time and planning. To make the big bucks, you have to put in a fair amount of effort while making the right decisions for your career. Therefore, it is vital to determine your strengths and weaknesses and weigh your options considering these factors. Admittedly, we all have a dream to pursue. But, bearing in mind that we won’t be the same person after a decade, you should carefully prioritize your interests. Nevertheless, the career paths mentioned above will likely be beneficial for you.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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