Ready, Shoot, Edit, and Go: Top 5 Video Compressors in 2024

| Updated on February 14, 2024

It is no secret that with the advancement in technology, the market for videography has changed drastically. Video editing has become the next big thing and if you are crafty with your content, you can make millions with minimal effort.

There are plenty of great compression tools in the market, yet only a few manage to stand out. In case you are looking out for the best of the best, read this blog till the end to know about the top 5 video compressors that can get the job done for you.

Here are some of the best video compressors available in the market.

1. VideoCandy

One of the best things about this video editing application is that one doesn’t need to create an account on this platform to make good use of all the services that are offered. The brilliant software can be used to edit videos up to the file size of 2 GB.

One of the major reasons why the name VideoCandy is popular is because of the video compression features that a user gets with this tool. Not only this, but the video trimming feature is also a blessing for the users. Removing a segment or simply trimming a portion of the video becomes pretty simple with this feature.

Next, we have the video merge tool and as the name suggests, one can make use of it to compile two videos together without much effort. Adding transitions, cuts, and playing with the audio and visuals will never seem more fun than this. To top all this, one can also change the very dimensions of the video, and export the video as it is once they are done.

There are plenty of other features that make the tool so much better than other free tools. The tool doesn’t leave a watermark and if you are exactly looking for that, we have already given the link to the tool in the heading, so you can get started with the editing part.

2. Video Proc

Number 2 on our list offers more than just compression. It is the perfect tool for people to process and edit the video in any way that they want to. The tool is pretty popular among professionals and has been sold more than 180 million units in as many countries.

The best thing about this software is that it offers a lot of options and functionality that other free tools cannot possibly offer. One can compress videos of up to 8k resolution and the original size can be taken down by 90% without compromising with the video quality.

All in all, it is a pretty safe bet for people who are on the lookout for freemium tools for personal and professional projects.

3. Handbrake

One of the most popular and anticipated tools on our list. Handbrake, in simpler terms, is an open-source tool that can only be run on the computer system only. The tool doesn’t possess the compatibility to compress videos online.

The basic use of the tool is to compress videos in a different format with minimal effort. And to the relief of the users, one doesn’t need to worry about losing the video quality while it is being compressed. The tools come with a number of built-in presets that can be used to compress simply by switching to a profile that is the most suitable for your device.

In case you want the videos to be compressed in high quality, you can make use of the universal format.

4. Final Cut Pro X Compressor

If you know about macOS and in case you use the same software, there are no chances that you have not heard about Final Cut Pro. The tool is pretty popular in the professional ecosystem and almost every individual who owns a Mac has it, be it for professional or personal chores.

High compression quality is offered for video formats that include 4K and 360-degree videos. The best thing is that one can simply personalize the experience to work with different encoding and formats. Similar to the tool mentioned above, this one is also good for offline use, as it is not compatible with online projects.

Get your hands on the tool today to get started with all the fun parts of editing.

5. Any Video Converter

Number 5 is a pretty decent video conversion that offers users to carry out the compression of videos with relative ease. Simply drag and drop the file that you want to compress and choose the parameters of the compression to launch the process.

Apart from that, users also get the chance of converting videos into different formats in case the compression thing is not their cup of tea. Formats include videos for YouTube and Netflix, along with other platforms.

The free version of the tool is powerful enough to give users the functionality of 100+ video formats, conversion of videos in more than 160 formats without having to worry about the quality. On top of all this, the software also supports NVIDIA NVENC with 4K video downloading, making it almost a flawless tool.

What makes it more impressive is that there are no ads or any other revenue-generating tactics, which is pretty uncommon for free versions.

These are some of the best video compressing tools that are available in the market for public use and can be accessed for both personal and professional projects.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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