5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company for Your Project

| Updated on March 22, 2024
Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

In the past several years, especially after the pandemic outbreak, the use of mobile applications has risen exponentially. In 2022, the global App market’s revenue is expected to amount to a staggering $437 billion, with its compound annual growth rate in the following years is around 6.5%. With that being said, finding the best-in-class company to work on your mobile app development project is essential for your business’ success. In this piece, experts with relevant years-long experience in the IT-sphere will share valuable insights on how to choose a mobile app development company that will meet your needs in the best possible way. 

What You Need to Know About Mobile Apps Classification

To choose an appropriate IT partner, you first need to have a basic understanding of mobile app classification. Typically, the following three types of apps are distinguished:

Native Apps

These apps are specially designed for a specific operating system, e.g. Android, iOS, or others. Although such dedicated products are known for their outstanding performance when operating on the intended OS, today more and more users prefer cross-platform solutions. Statistically, Android-based apps dominate the market with over 80% of software developers specializing in them, while 60% of developers work on iOS-based solutions.     

Web-based Apps

These solutions are designed with the utilization of such technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and cloud-based technologies. They are normally intended for online use, therefore, their performance might be lower, and their feature set less extensive compared to the previous app group. 

Hybrid Apps

These apps are a combination of the two previous app types. According to Statista, the most widely used frameworks used in cross-platform app development are Flutter, React Native and Cordova. 

In addition to the above, apps are classified depending on their intended use. The most popular app category worldwide is messenger apps followed by social networking solutions and shopping apps. Among other categories, the most widely used mobile products are those employed in the Healthcare, FinTech, iGaming, and Video & Entertainment industries.

How to Choose a Trusted Mobile App Development Company 

Several criteria will guide you in choosing an IT partner that will deliver you a top-class solution. These are the following:

Ranking and Customer Feedback

When choosing a software vendor, rely on independent market research and unbiased analytics provided by platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and others. Pay special attention to reputable companies that have multiple positive customer reviews. Sometimes ranking agencies have verification systems in place to distinguish the most outstanding developers. For example, Andersen is gold verified on Clutch ranked 4,9/5 by the company’s customers and platform experts. 

Professionalism and Expertise

The level of a mobile app development company’s expertise can be judged by its portfolio. When opting for a software vendor, pay attention to what companies they have partnered with, and whether they have successfully implemented projects similar to the one you are planning to outsource.  

Experts delivered high-performance mobile and web solutions worldwide for Fortune 500 companies and such world-renowned brands as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Ryanair, Media Markt, TUI, and many more.

Technology Stack and Frameworks

When choosing mobile app developers, note what technologies and frameworks they use in their work. Ideally, the candidate company should specialize in platforms and employ the very technologies your business needs. At Andersen, they provide top-notch experts with a proven track record in both Android and iOS development and the mastery of the most in-demand cross-platform mobile frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, and more.

Processes and Methodologies

Step-by-step mobile app development includes project discovery, devising the app’s UI/UX design and architecture, the development stage, testing, and app support. When requesting app development services from a software vendor, make sure they have all these stages in place performed by dedicated Business Analysts, Project Managers, UI/UX designers, IT architects, developers, and testers in order to deliver well-designed solutions.

It’s also advisable that you pay attention to the methodologies and processes that are in place in the candidate company. At Andersen, experts widely employ the Agile mindset, working in close cooperation with our customers and being flexible to the changes that might occur during the development.   

The Development Cost

The app development cost depends, among other things, on the number and complexity of features it includes. At Andersen, experts carefully consider every detail so that our customers get feature-rich solutions notable for their high performance, visual attractiveness, and outstanding user experience.

To Sum Up

In today’s glutted mobile app development market, choosing a reliable software vendor who will meet all your business needs might not be an easy task. At Andersen, experts offer our customers a 15-year-long development experience with deep expertise in such in-demand industries as Healthcare, Logistics, FinTech, and more. If you have an idea for a product that you believe will be beneficial to both your company and your clients, do not hesitate to contact experts, and they’ll be delighted to give you a hand with your software development project.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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