7 Dietary Tips to Build Healthy Bones

| Updated on March 27, 2024

If you want to keep your bones healthy, get enough calcium. If you want to keep your joints functioning well, consume aloe vera. These and many other bone health pieces of advice can go a long way. 

But without any exception, we say that bone health is important. Bones from our skeleton and can serve as an overall foundation for us. They not only bear our body weight but are responsible for our whole movement. And many other reasons, bone health is considered important. 

We take calcium, we walk more, and whatnot. Though all of these things keep our bones healthy but can’t protect them till the end. Ageing, injuries, stress, poor nutrition, and all other things can make your bones weak. Thus, you need to be mindful of the ways that can help to keep your bones healthy.

I remember my mother used to visit a general physician in Karachi in her late years because she suffered from knee pain that affected her mobility. Later, weaker bones were to be blamed for it. Obviously, none of us wants to suffer from this. 

How to Build Healthy Bones?

Building healthier bones are not that difficult to do. All you need is to follow the right bone health tips. Here are some of the bone health dietary tips you can follow:

Eat fresh vegetables

No one can deny the importance of eating fresh vegetables. These vegetables can help to provide your body with the best nutrients to support your overall health. Certain vegetables are a good source of vitamin C. This important vitamin is bone health and is known for its antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties can help to fight oxidative stress and keep your bones healthy. 

Consume Enough Protein

Protein being an important food group is important for our overall health. Not only do we require it to build stronger muscles but it also affects the formation of bones in our body. When you don’t consume enough protein, be mindful that it can affect the way your bones take in calcium. Too little protein leads to poor calcium absorption in your bones that can weaken them and compromise your bones’ strength. So, no matter what you prefer, you can intake plant or animal-based protein to help yourself build stronger bones. 

Consume more and more calcium

When it comes to building stronger bones, the role of calcium-rich foods can’t be denied. High calcium-containing foods are good for your overall health. These high calcium foods are good for your stronger bones, Enough calcium is required for denser bones. Everyone should fulfill the daily calcium limit in check and get it from whatever possible source. Be it milk, dairy products, or anything else, keep your hands upon these. 

Don’t Forget Vitamin D and K

Just like calcium and other important food nutrients, two other important vitamins are quite important and can help you to build stronger bones. One such vitamin is vitamin D that aids with the absorption of calcium in your bones. Our body is capable of synthesizing vitamin D on its own but you can also get it from supplements to get stronger bones. 

Other than vitamin D, vitamin K helps with bone formation protein. It is essential to minimize the loss of calcium from your bones. So if you want to keep your bones healthy, make sure you get enough of these vitamins from the diet or as supplements.

Have Foods High in Magnesium and Zinc

Both of these mineral nutrients are required for healthy bones. Magnesium is the mineral that helps to convert vitamin D into a form that can lead to more calcium absorption in bones. Other than this, zinc is also good for your bones. Zinc is good to help with bone-building cells. So, you need to consume more and more foods containing these to help the buildup of healthier bones. 

Bottom Line!

Bone health is important and depends upon many things. Other than these dietary tips, you may need to follow a healthy lifestyle, keep a healthy weight and get regular visits to your doctor to have healthy bones.

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