Four Things You Wish You Knew Before You Started Working in the Medical Device Industry

| Updated on February 28, 2024

Why do you like your job in the medical device industry? When asked why they joined this industry, people will usually say what they like most about the medical device industry is the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of people worldwide.

Still, we’ve done some research about newcomers to the industry, and came up with several things you wish you know before you started working with medical devices.

1. Education in the Field 

Since you’re already a part of it, now you know, but there are many potential candidates for various positions within the industry who don’t know that you don’t need to have a degree in medical technology and devices.

Sure – if you have one, that’s great! Yet, many people don’t know that there are numerous jobs they can do even without one. Engineers of all kinds will surely find their place here since there are plenty of things an engineer will have to do in the process of making a medical device. 

So, if you know an engineer out of work you think could find themselves in working within this industry, make sure to tell them that there are plenty of opportunities.

In addition to this, they can always attend courses on medical device areas that will help them adjust and prepare for their future or current positions. 

2. Experience in the Industry

To add to the previous topic of education, to work in the medical device industry, you’ll need some experience. What often happens is that potential employee who may have less formal education and more experience in the field get the job over those with a bunch of degrees, yet no practical experience.

When you think about it, this is fairly common. It is, ultimately, the hands-on experience you’ve gathered over time that makes you competent for a job, be it the medical device industry or something entirely different. 

In other words, people who are experienced in areas such as project management will surely find a way to fit in pretty quickly – and they might not even know it!

3. Stability and Growth

One of the greatest perks of working in the medical device industry is that it is constantly on the rise.

While many other industries have experienced considerable losses in jobs, market demands, or even popularity, this industry has been progressing steadily in the past two decades, even during a couple of economic crises, as well as the most recent global pandemic!

Why is that?

Well, because health is something that never goes out of fashion. Jokes aside – medical devices are there to help people. And, therefore, as worldwide technology is developing more and more each year, the medical device industry is too, hand in hand. People are constantly finding ways to incorporate new technology into the service of health. 

The bottom line is – working in the medical device industry offers a sense of stability and progress not many other industries can boast.

4. The Financial Aspect

People feel uncomfortable talking about money, yet it is one of the major elements in all our lives.

When it comes to working in the medical device industry, one of the benefits potential candidates should consider is certainly the financial aspect. This industry focuses on the development of products intended to help improve and, usually, save people’s lives, and that is not cheap. If you contribute to something major and important, you’re going to be paid for it. 

To sum it all up, there are certainly more things to talk about, but these are some of the most important things everyone should know before joining the medical device industry. If you can think of more, let us know in the comments. 

Miles Evans


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