The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1: A Whole New World of Adventure

| Updated on June 5, 2024

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The Flower of Veneration is a real treat for those who love their scoop of betrayal and secrets. The comic targets the life and struggles of a woman in her early 20s who has just learned that her father has passed away. However, she thinks that the staff members at the castle are all trying to hide something. Will she find out what? 

The Flower of Veneration

To get all the answers, emerge in this enigmatic world of suspense and allies as we take you through the depths of The Flower of Veneration, chapter 1.

The Enigmatic Tale of the Flower of Veneration

The Flower of Veneration is a manga comic that follows the life of Cecylia Zi Saryan, a woman in her early 20s. In chapter one, we learn that upon her arrival at the palace, she finds out that her father, Illyd Zi Saryan, her backbone against the world, has passed away.

We see that she had to tear the mask off her father’s face to learn that he could’ve been killed by poisoning, or a curse. Further, we realize that, despite Cecylia being a Lady and princess, the employees at the palace don’t trust her to take over the lineage after her father, because of her gender. 

Moreover, she feels that the staff is trying to hide the fact that the real reason for Illyd’s death. As she leaves the room, she gets face-to-face with Sophia and Chris, who makes her remember that now that her father has passed away, she’ll have to face her criticizing relatives.

Later, we get an overview of the relatives who are against Cecylia being married to anyone, as that will make her future offspring carry their royal bloodline. As they think, female blood is inferior to that of a male. Only her father, who is now dead, could make those people shut their mouths. 

In the ending scene of The Flower of Veneration, chapter 1, we see that upon hearing the gossip of the workers about her compatibility to run the castle. Cecylia, remembers how Illyd has told her multiple times, that she is the rightful heir and if anything happens to him, she needs to take everything from her. 

This makes her confront the staff, and say out loud, “I, Cecylia Zi Saryan, am the new Liege and Lord of this Castle”.

The Flower of Veneration Ch 1: About the Cast

Here is a quick run down on all the main cast of chapter one,

  1. Cecylia Zi Saryan: The leading protagonist, a fearless young woman in her early 20s, who has been criticized by everyone in her life, except her father who has just passed away. This story shows how empathetic and devoted she is to fulfill her father’s wishes and demands. 
  1. Illyd Zi Saryan: Despite being known as a cold-blooded eccentric, he had the utmost respect and love for his only daughter, Cecylia. He always did as he pleased, and never cared about anyone else’s opinion. Illyd defended his daughter against his relatives and even told Cecylia that she was the only rightful heir to the throne and that she should acquire everything if something happened to him.
  1. Chris: Chris is shown as someone who speaks when he shouldn’t. It can be easily seen, with him immaturely commenting about the obvious that happened in Illyd’s room. Like, how the staff couldn’t meet Cecelia’s eyes, and how he thinks that they all (the employees) think she has killed her father.
  1. Sophia: A commoner, who is ready to cut Chris’s mouth for talking to Cecylia in a bad way. She is loyal to the crown princess and could do anything for her. Cecylia describes her as a Wizard Swordsman, who has established her position in the palace and owns multiple estates.
  1. The palace staff: Making an appearance in the first, and last scene of Chapter 1, it includes the doctor, the maids, the butler, and many more. They doubt Cecylia’s ability to run the castle and don’t inform her about the possibility of the father’s death being a murder.
  1. The relatives: We see them from Cecylia’s point of view, where she reflects on the past, where they disproved her marriage, and for her being the next in line for the throne. Their reason behind doing that is because she is a woman, and that makes her blood inferior to a man.

This section gave you an overview of all the characters in Chapter 1 of the manga series, The Flower of Veneration. 

Future Engagement Through the Flower Of Veneration Ch 1

The Flower of Veneration chapter 1, makes the base for future engagement by instilling the readers with various intriguing questions. Such as, 

  • What will the relatives say once they arrive at the funeral?
  • Will the people accept Cecylia as the new Lord of the castle? 
  • What was the reason behind Illyd’s death?
  • Why did the staff not inform the sole heir to the throne that there was a possibility of a curse or poisoning?
  • Will Cecylia never get married?

The manga’s first chapter captures the curiosity and the need to know the answer to these questions, which makes curious readers want to read ahead. 

Wrapping Up

The Flower of Veneration, Ch 1, unfolds the story of the main protagonist, Cecylia Zi Saryan. A young woman, who is grieving the loss of her father, Lord Illyd Zi Saryan, while everyone in the castle is gossiping behind her back about her incompetence as the sole heir to the crown. We further learn about her relatives, who have disapproved of her marriage, as they cannot accept any lowlife to carry their royal lineage. 

Overall, chapter 1 of The Flower of Veneration shows that despite being the center of criticism and gossip, the lead protagonist takes her place as the rightful heir to the crown, following her father’s advice and wishes.


What is the first chapter of The Flower of Veneration all about?

The first chapter of The Flowers of Veneration is about how being the sole heir to her now-deceased father’s royal line makes everything difficult and threatening for Cecylia. Not only her relatives, who disapprove of her but also her staff, are against the idea of her being the Lord of the castle.

Who is the main lead in The Flower of Veneration Ch 1?

The story revolves around Cecylia Zi Saryan, who is the rightful heir and the future Lord and Liege of the castle. She is a fearless woman who has established her name, without the involvement of her father.

How did the father pass away in the first episode?

We see that, upon Cecylia’s arrival, she finds out that her father, the Lord of the castle, has passed away. Scene one shows how his face is covered with cloth as she enters his room, upon tearing the cloth, she finds out that he didn’t die a natural death. And that it could have been a planned murder by a curse or poison.

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