6 Amazing Technologies Changing the Freight Industry

| Updated on March 21, 2024

The freight industry is changing rapidly, thanks to the advent of new technologies. And this trend is likely to continue. Most of the traditional shipping processes are now automated. This move helps to improve safety, reduce the margin of error and make shipments faster. 

With such changes, companies that ship to Boston and their clients report an increase in efficiency and productivity. Here are a few technologies that have changed the industry for the better.

1. Advanced GPS Tracking 

One of the most critical technologies that have impacted freight shipping is high-tech GPS tracking. This system allows companies to track their shipments in real-time. This ensures that shipments are on schedule and reduces the chances of lost or misplaced cargo.

For instance, if you have goods shipping to Boston, you can track the progress on a map. You can also see your cargo and update your clients or receiver of the shipment.

 This practice allows shipping companies to maintain high transparency and accountability. Such values are important for both shipping companies and their clients.

2. Drones for Delivery

There are many companies using this technology for quick cargo delivery. Drones are fast and cost-effective, as they do not need fuel like vehicles. 

This technology is beneficial for shipping small items like drugs and lab specimens. Shipping companies that use drones for shipping enjoy reduced shipping costs. Shipping companies can then pass the low costs to their clients.

3. Cloud-Based Solutions 

Cloud-based solutions allow companies to manage and track their shipments from any location. This solution brings visibility and transparency into the shipping process. 

Cloud computing has also helped to improve safety in the shipping industry. For instance, shipping companies can now access weather conditions and other hazards that may affect their shipping route. 

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity. It’s one of the most significant technological advancements to have ever happened in shipping. It has made the shipping of temperature-sensitive products and hazardous materials easier.  

Today, shipping companies can monitor temperature variations in the shipping container, ensuring that they are within acceptable limits. This involves using temperature sensors to monitor the shipping environment. 

The shipping staffs fit the sensors to the shipping container or package. This sensor is then linked to a central system, which will notify the shipping company of any temperature changes. The shipping firm will then take corrective action if necessary. 

5. Automated Driving Systems

The other name for this technology is Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). It simply refers to the existing and upcoming systems that allow vehicles to drive themselves. AVs come with sensors and software that enable them to navigate roads, identify obstacles, and make decisions accordingly.

The technology aims at reducing fuel costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing the number of accidents. The US Department of Transportation is already testing AVs for freight transport.

6. Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Shipping companies increasingly use big data and predictive analytics to improve their shipping operations. The technology allows shipping firms to analyze shipping data and make informed shipping decisions. For instance, they can identify shipping routes that are efficient and cost-effective. 

The technology also helps shipping companies to predict demand for their services. This, in turn, allows them to plan and allocate resources efficiently. As a result, shipping companies can improve their bottom line.

The Future of Shipping Remains Bright!

The shipping industry is constantly evolving. New shipping technologies emerge every day, allowing shipping companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. These benefits extend to the consumers, who benefit from lower shipping costs.

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