Choosing the Right Storyteller for Your Legacy Project

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Key Takeaway

  • If you want to tell the audience your story or somebody else’s, all you need is somebody who has lived a life and, perhaps, a professional biography writer to help you out.
  • When it’s related to your life or someone else’s, first and foremost, a good biography means a good structure. All of this is done keeping in mind your audience, their interest, and, more specifically, your goals.
  • To avoid writer’s block and make the work interesting, try to think significantly about interesting and notable points about yourself, what shapes you, significant events, and much more. 
  • There are a lot of great biography writers out there, but you need to find the perfect one who understands your vision or the story you want to be told. 
  • For hiring a professional, do research, match your budget, find an experienced biography, communicate with them, and tell them about yourself, your ideas, and the tone you want for writing.

Every life on this planet is living its own story, a story waiting to be told. There are numerous ways to storytelling about your past thoughts/present experience, and writing biographies happens to be one of them. It’s the easiest way to tell the audience your story or somebody else’s. But the great thing about them is that they get stories you want to tell, told. 

You don’t need a magical beast, a whimsical fairy, or a cunning pirate to write it. All you need is somebody who has lived a life and, perhaps, a professional biography writer to help you out.

Lucky for you, they’re both easy to find. And we’ve got all the tips for you. 

A professional biography is supposed to be just as unique as yourself or the person you’re writing about. It should give the world a chance to get to know you, see you, and hear you. No matter how insignificant you think passions, hobbies, interests, and challenges may be, they all tie into the story; each is as the brush strokes in the grand masterpiece called life’s story.

Now, it’s time to talk about all things biography and make sure you know it all. Once you’ve got the hang of the groove, we’ll introduce you to your trusty helpers: professional biography writers. And no, they’re not tiny little mice helping you get back home before midnight.

They’re just right to help with your all-related fright.

The World of Biographies and Professional Biography Writers

What are Biographies?

First up, let’s address the elephant in the writing room. Now, you’ve probably seen the words autobiography and biography being used quite synonymously, pretty much all the time. Well, although they’re used in place of each other most of the time, they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. 

Autobiography and biography are quite similar but also slightly different. In the latter, authors write about somebody else’s life, but in the former case, they are the subject. So, an autobiography means your own story and a biography can be anybody’s. Plus, as per the graph below, biographies are one of the most read genres by people too.

Most read genres

Now, most of the time, celebrities, influencers, and other individuals have remarkable experiences and stories to share but perhaps not the best writing skills to do so, and that’s completely all right. Because this is where ghostwriters or professional biography writers are needed the most, they’ll tell the world your story for you. 

The Different Types of Biographies

Apart from the difference between jotted above, there are a couple of other categories as well. Let’s take a closer look and help you understand this world a bit more.


This form of writing involves storytelling of the events of someone’s life. This usually covers the period of that person’s life from birth to the present. However, often, the person whose biography is being written is dead. The focus of the biography then shifts to the person’s life work, growth, development, or achievements.

Interesting Fact: Reading biographies is one of the favorite book genres of up to 31% of Americans. 

(Auto)biographical Novel

(Autobiographical novels) are similar to autobiographies but have elements of fiction mixed into real-life events. The purpose of this is to add a dramatic element to certain events and incidents to make them more interesting for the readers. 

Life Memories

When writing these, you have the option to write about either the author or any other person. However, as the name suggests, not all events of a person’s life are touched on; rather, only imperative and memorable instances are mentioned. Also, one of the reasons why people prefer to read biographies and biographies is to invest in self-knowledge through others’ experiences.


In this form of biography writing, a person is placed in a social, political, or historical setting. And so, in memoirs, life is pushed aside, and rather, the events and incidents are viewed from this context. The focus thus shifts to his/her role in socio-political events and their significance. 

Penning It Down

Now that we’ve covered everything involved in biographies and what they’re about, it’s time to focus on the writing part. 

If it’s a biography on your life or someone else’s, first and foremost, a good one means a good structure. All of this is done keeping in mind your audience, their interest, and, more specifically, your goals.

So, let’s sum it up in four simple and easy points:

  1. Ask yourself: Whom do you want to read your biography?
  2. Base your writing’s structure on your audience and their interests.
  3. Chose a writing style that you stick to throughout your biography: Factual or Narrative
  4. Highlight and emphasize the accomplishments and memorable life events of the person on whom your work is based.

How To: Avoid Writer’s Block and Make Your Biographies Interesting

Well, if there’s one thing we know about the writing world, it’s that writer’s block is as frustrating as stubbing your toe in winter. But don’t worry; it’s normal, and we’re here to help you avoid it. 

Whenever you catch your brain fogging up, well, first and foremost, step away from the writing material. Plain and simple. Go take a break, reset, relax, and pick up where you left off. You see, writing is a rather tedious and exhausting task, especially more so when it’s about capturing somebody else’s life or your own and penning it down in the best and most interesting manner possible.

But we’ve got you covered, too, with some quick and easy steps to help you out as you write your biography and steer clear of writer’s block.

  1. First and foremost, think hard about all that makes the person or yourself unique, interesting, and notable. Make pointers. It usually helps. If you want to write a memoir, think about your story
  1. Think about who and what shapes their journey, life, and work.
  1. Now, what are all the significant events from childhood that were significant to their growth?
  1. Focus on the close relationships in their life. Good and bad, or at least the ones who’ve contributed in some way to their development. For instance, family, friends, relationships, role models, and ex-friendships.
  1. Crisis and challenges are necessary for growth and development. So, focus on how you or the person overcame all the things life threw their way and rose from the ashes, better than before.
  1. Think about any and all imperative turning points throughout the trajectory of your/someone’s life, and analyze how they shaped them or flipped their course.
  1. Lastly, you need to focus on all sorts of influences involved in shaping the person and becoming who they are. This can include social, political, religious, and cultural influences, as each does impact not just your life in general but the morals and personality you have overall. 

Now, once you’ve narrowed down these pointers, you’ll have all you need right in front of you. So, no more getting stuck and unnecessary brain fog. 

Hiring A Professional Biography Writer

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for; your new best friend. 

We know how hard writing can be; if it’s about yourself or somebody else, it’s a feat on its own. Sometimes, you’ve got a story bursting at the seams but not the right words or just not enough writing experience. And that’s completely fine too.

All you need to do is know how to hire the right professional biography writer to help you with your biography writing needs. And guess what? We’ll tell you just how to do it and do it right.

There are a lot of great biography writers out there, but you need to find the perfect one who understands your vision or the story you want to be told. When finding a suitable professional for you, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Do your research, and first and foremost, find a reliable service with good reviews and ratings.
  1. Match your budget and time availability before you choose because this process is supposed to be hassle-free from the get-go.
  1. Look for experienced biography writers because they’ll be the ones to capture your vision and tell the story you want to be told perfectly.
  1. Once you’ve narrowed down the service and writer, practice this religiously: Communication is key. This is crucial because the only way that your professional writer will give you the outcome you have in your head is if you communicate everything you need from the get-go.
  1. Mention all the nitty-gritty and significant life events that you want to be the focus of your biography.
  1. Convey the tone, deadlines, and pivotal deliverables and get your approval.
  1.  Lastly, here’s the most major one. Ensure that the contract you sign states that all rights to the piece remain with you, the author.

Now, here’s your step-by-step guide to finding the perfect biography writer for you.

Before You Scroll Away…

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Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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