5 Reasons to Choose Automated Video QC Tools

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Being in the broadcast industry, we know how much work goes into delivering that perfect content to your customers or viewers.

You need to ensure that the content is compliant and has excellent audio and video quality to ensure a good experience for the end users. This requires a thorough content Quality Control (QC) process. To evaluate the quality of the video content, you can either choose manual or automated testing.

With ever-increasing content volumes and workflow complexity, automated Video Quality Checker is by far a better choice than manual testing.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you 5 reasons to choose automated video QC tools for your content workflows.

Why Choose Automated Video QC Tools?

Non-conforming content, audio loudness, audio phase errors, unwanted black frames, freeze frames, frame shifts, incorrect cadence and many other issues are common in audio-video content. Therefore, a comprehensive QC is important to ensure the delivery of quality content.

But whether you choose a manual, or an automated QC strategy is up to you.

Here are the 5 reasons to choose automated video quality checker:

Practical for High Content Volume

Content creators make content which is consumed via multiple channels and on multiple devices. This essentially means multiple versions or profiles of the content which multiplies the content volume requiring QC. 

Manual QC for thousands of hours of content is neither practical nor easy. It will consume many workhours and will be fraught with errors. On the other hand, an automated video QC tool will finish the task in much less time and present you with a QC report to review the errors and perform corrections.

Feasible for Cloud Workflows

Now a days, more frequently than not, the content is received as well as delivered via Cloud. To perform manual QC of this content, you need to download the files from Cloud, which makes the process tedious, time consuming, and costly.

With a cloud-native automated video quality checker, the content can be directly reviewed on Cloud, saving you time and money.

Better Use of Expensive Manual Resources

Have experts to handle & manage high-quality content?

Well, then why not use their expertise in reviewing the reports generated by an automated video QC tool and correcting the errors, rather than having them spend additional time manually reviewing the content?

Above all, manual QC can be error-prone and lacks consistency because of human fatigue and differences in perception by different people. Also, there are certain errors which can’t be perceived easily by a human eye and only an automated tool can pick them up reliably.

So, make the best use of your expert resources by allocating their time for review and correction of errors reported by automated video QC tools.

Quick Turnaround and Consistency

Automated video quality checker completes your video QC within minutes compared to many hours, or sometimes even days, taken doing the manual QC. This gives you a quick turnaround in cases of urgent content delivery.

Manual QC operators can make mistakes in reporting the errors, which could lead to inaccurate results being sent to other team members, project managers or suppliers. Automated video QC tools carry out the same steps every time with precision and report consistent results.

Easy Integration into Content Workflows

A professional content workflow system usually involves many automated steps for various content-related operations. QC is one of the important parts of such a workflow.

Automated video QC tools can be seamlessly integrated into such media content workflow systems, producing actionable results on 24×7 basis.

To Wrap Up

With obvious benefits of an automated video QC tool, it is imperative that high-volume workflows are moved to Automated QC, foregoing the old manual QC methods.
With over a decade in the video QC industry, Venera Technologies can help you improve the operational efficiency of your content workflows with its range of automated video quality checker tools. Get in touch with us to discuss your cloud video QC needs.

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