What To Ask During A Nursing Interview

| Updated on March 27, 2024

In the quest to find an appropriate place to work, there are certain things you need to do. One such thing is to ask some questions while you’re being interviewed. Many new nurses looking for their first travel nursing jobs in New York think it’s inappropriate to ask an interviewer a question. This is untrue. Asking the interviewer the right questions shows how confident you are, hence, improving your chances of being employed. More so, the answers you get from those questions will also guide you to know if you’re in the right place to work or not. If you go for a nursing interview, the following are some of the essential questions you should ask:

What Kinds Of Qualities Are You Seeking? 

Asking your interviewer this question will explain what’s needed of you if you are employed. While some organizations might tell you they need traits like teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, others might have additional qualities. Knowing this will make you perform extraordinarily when you’re finally employed. If you lack in one or two of the qualities mentioned to you, you can take your time to master it so you can be the best at the job when you’re employed. 

Ask About The Type Of Orientation Or Training They Provide 

In a standard organization, new employees will first be subjected to training and orientation to adapt to their new work environment. Such training will help to boost the skills of the new nurse. Therefore, the answer you get from this question will tell you about how well the organization cares for the skills and productivity of their nurses. The training you receive from an organization will also be useful when you take on another nursing job in another organization. 

Who Will I be Reporting To? 

This will help you understand how the organization is run and who answers to who. It will help you to know some of the top officials in the organization, including the Chief Nursing Officer, Director Of Nursing, as well as the head nurse of your unit. When you ask about who you’ll be reporting to when employed, it gives the employer a sense that you follow procedures and will be effective for the available position. 

Ask If There Are Mentorship Opportunities And Continued Support 

You want to know how well the organization can help you grow your nursing skills. If you plan to grow your career in the organization, then you need to ask if there are any mentorship opportunities available. Most organizations often send their nurses for training to expand their knowledge as well as learn about proper work ethics. Working with this kind of company will make growing in the nursing field easier for you. 

What Are The Challenges Your Nurses Are Facing 

No organization is perfect, but the good ones will always work towards perfection. Hence, to help achieve the organizational goals, you need to have firsthand information about the challenges faced by the organization before you resume work. With this info, you can take out time to adequately prepare. More so, by asking such a question, you’ll not be caught unaware when you get to know about them. The response you get when you ask about the challenges can also determine whether you’ll accept the job or not. For instance, the nursing unit you’re applying for might be understaffed or undertrained. If this is the case, then you need to sit back and assess yourself to see whether you’re up to the task or not. If they’re understaffed, it means you may have to work more. This will also guide you to know how much to negotiate as a salary

What Advice Will You Give To A New Nurse In Your Organization 

If you want to succeed and perform outstandingly in the organization, then seeking the advice of your employer is essential. You shouldn’t always assume you know everything. What is required of employer A might be more than that of employer B. Hence, it would help if you didn’t hesitate to ask your interviewer for a piece of advice. This will not only make you learn about what the organization needs from you, but it’ll also tell the interviewer that you’re open to learning. 

What Kind Of Shifts Is Available For Nurses 

While some organizations might offer full-shifts, others might provide half-shifts. So, asking this question will help you determine if the shifting policy of the organization is suitable for you or not. 

The questions listed above are the questions that a nurse should ask during an interview.

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