11 Essential Online Teaching Tools

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Before COVID-19, online teaching was an exception rather than the norm, but today,  remote teaching has become the new normal.

At first, teachers struggled to adapt and find the most efficient ways to teach virtually. Then they started using online teaching tools. Today, 71% of teachers claim teaching tools have significantly improved their jobs and made life easier. 

Many teaching tools are available for teachers online, and most people get confused when looking for an excellent online teaching tool. 

To solve that problem, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best tools for online teaching to help create a practical online teaching experience. 

PDF Editors (Lumin PDF)

PDF editors are one of the best educational technology tools a teacher can have in their arsenal. As most remote teaching involves sharing resources like PDF files, the importance of using a good PDF editor can’t be understated.

Lumin PDF is a top-of-the-line PDF tool that helps you annotate, sign, upload, and edit PDF files. The Lumin PDF app is also a great educational tool for both teachers and students. Its collaborating tool that allows people to chat on a document in real-time is also highly beneficial.


Edmodo is a free teaching tool that combines interactive classroom content with safe communication. This platform connects students and teachers and fosters a collaborative environment that significantly improves the learning experience. 

Edmodo ranks among the best teacher tools online, with over 34 million users worldwide. 

Also, Edmodo allows teachers to post educational materials and track students’ performance. Parent communication is also available on the app, which makes feedback easier. 

If you’re looking for a way to boost the interaction of students during remote teaching sessions, Thinglink is the teaching tool for that. The app helps educators create interactive classroom content with music, sounds, text, and photographs. 

Teachers can use Thinglink to collect a collage of tagged images of a specific subject and create a new unit. This teaching tool encourages summative assessment and allows teachers to evaluate what students know to improve it. Thinglink is one of the most innovative tech tools for teachers, and if properly used, can provide great value.


Among all the teaching tools for teachers available on the internet, few directly help teachers improve student behavior. That’s where ClassDojo comes in. ClassDojo is an innovative teacher resource that helps teachers track and assess students’ behavior, facilitate class activities, and promote home-to-school communications. 

With ClassDojo, teachers reward students with points for good behavior and deduct points for bad behavior. Parents can create accounts with ClassDojo, monitor their child’s behavioral growth, and communicate with the teacher. Teachers often share class photos and projects with the parents and help them feel more connected to the class and, via proxy, their child.


EduClipper is a tech tool that allows teachers and students to share educational resources, materials, and references. Teachers can use this tool to collect information from the internet and share it as virtual clipboards.

Think of EduClipper as Pinterest for teachers; the design suits classroom use and student-driven work. This tool is easy to set up, smooth to use, and one of the best teacher technology tools online.


Socrative ranks as one of the best educational tools for students and teachers globally. This tool allows teachers to create or import quizzes and interactive activities for their students and engage in the quizzes from their devices.

This web-based tool helps teachers spark conversation and foster friendly competition in their virtual classrooms. After a quiz, teachers can display the results for all to see or send it privately to each student. 

Socarative doubles as an assessment tool because it enables teachers to gauge the knowledge level of their students. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the most accessible teacher tools online. It’s perfect for online learning both in class and remotely. This platform is a free-to-use learning management system focused on personalizing students’ learning experience rather than actively managing it.

Google Classroom is one of the most used digital tools for learning in the world. Most teachers use Google Classroom to create, collect, and grade assignments with the switch to remote learning. Integrating other Google services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive gives this platform an edge over its competition.


Kahoot is a gamified platform that encourages learning through interactive games and questions. With this tool, teachers can create surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, or discussions that spark conversation in the class and complement the lessons taught by the teacher. 

Kahoot makes learning fun and boosts cognitive activity with its game-based learning approach. Kahoot can be connected to a projector and displayed on the board during classes, and students answer the questions, just like a game. 

Teachers love using Kahoot because it increases student engagement and creates a fun learning environment.


Quizlet is an innovative flashcard-style tool that helps students recall facts and study better. Teachers can use this app to create flashcards or quizzes and share them with the class. 

Similarly, students can also create custom quizzes independently to help them remember what’s taught in class.

Quizlet allows teachers to add audio and visual content, which makes studying easier for students. They can attach voice recordings to explain terms difficult for students to understand and attach explanatory pictures. 

Quizlet also provides step-by-step tutorials that help teach math and specific science concepts. Overall, it’s one of the best teacher resources available on the internet.


Animoto is a digital tool for learning that enables teachers to create high-quality video content for their classes. Animoto’s ease of use is remarkable, meaning even total beginners can create flashy slideshows that appeal to adults and kids. 

Animoto has a very user-friendly interface that helps ease content creation, essay writing service, enabling teachers to create effective audiovisual content for the education needs of their students. This type of content helps boost students’ productivity while inspiring students and helping improve their academic lessons. 

Animoto is free, but you can also opt for the paid version or purchase an in-app item experience. This platform is perfect for teachers that want to tap the creativity of their students.

Introducing Promova, an invaluable addition to our lineup of online teaching tools. Promova’s core mission is to enhance people’s lives by empowering them to achieve their language learning aspirations and, in turn, foster greater cultural understanding worldwide.

Promova revolutionizes language learning with its array of features, offering a tailor-made educational experience. Dive into bite-sized lessons, connect with like-minded learners in practice communities, access expert tutoring, engage in dynamic conversation clubs, and seamlessly track your progress – all designed to cater to learners of every skill level.

With Promova, you gain access to nine languages, including the world’s top five most spoken languages, along with meticulously crafted courses for Korean and Ukrainian. The power is in your hands as you select your preferred language of study and the language in which you receive explanations.  The name “Promova” (/prɔˈmɔvʌ/), derived from Ukrainian, signifies “speech” – a nod to our Ukrainian heritage and our unwavering commitment to our colleagues, friends, and defenders worldwide.

Promova is not just an app; it’s a dynamic online teaching tool designed to empower your language learning journey while fostering cultural understanding on a global scale.


The above list of online teaching tools contains the very best teaching tools in academia. These tools were compiled based on popularity, ease of use, and value provided. 

As technology continues to grow, new teaching tools will emerge with more advanced features. But right now, the above-listed tools are the best online teaching tools available globally.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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