YouTube TV to Get Big Upgrade for Sports Fans: Fixing Multiview’s Biggest Problem

| Updated on February 2, 2024
YouTube TV Get Big Upgrades for Sports Fans

Many improvements are being made to the YouTube TV app to ensure sports fans can watch multiple games with no interruptions. 

YouTube’s Multiview functionality has been a big hit among users since its launch. Sports fans loved this feature of YouTube to stream multiple games concurrently without using an extra TV. With this feature, users could only watch pre-determined sets of games that YouTube thinks would appeal to most viewers. 

But that is going to change now with an upcoming update. YouTube is now letting users customize the Multiview without their preferred broadcasts or streams. This is a big improvement from what we’ve been using in the past. 

But there are still certain limitations to it. You can now build your own bundle of specific games, but you need to choose from a predetermined list. 

According to a report from The Verge, this feature is only available for NBA League Pass and Men’s and Women’s NCAA basketball. So, we can assume that all the games of these sports leagues will be available in the list. However, that is not live yet, users may need to wait for some time to get the update. 

In the ideal world, the way to build a Multiview of games from any sport or channel should be the target. But we are far away from that. 

Apart from this, YouTube has also added a way to reduce latency. This feature was introduced by YouTube back in December but now the option to turn it on permanently is enabled. 

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