Connect with Creators in Real-Time: YouTube to Display Live Streams Within the Shorts Feed

| Updated on February 9, 2024
YouTube will Display Live Streams Within Shorts Feed

Soon, you’ll start seeing vertical live streams in the YouTube Shorts feed. Now, people who use YouTube live streams can also get discovered in the Shorts feed in the app. YouTube is copying another feature from TikTok that is popular among the audience. 

The YouTube team posted on X to share this announcement. You can see from the above example, how users will see the preview of live broadcasts when scrolling. Users can join the broadcast by tapping the ‘Watch Live” button. 

You must know that creators have had the option of vertical Live for some time now. YouTube is now adding the enhanced discovery option for live broadcasts. This is already a feature on TikTok, which proved to be an effective tool to improve live stream engagement. 

This type of live-streaming format is quite popular in China. Western consumers are not used to vertical live streams. I hope it’s not just another copied feature that has no use. 

Creators will only be eligible for promotion if they follow the YouTube guidelines for vertical streams. You must be streaming vertically to appear in the shorts feed. 

Creators can use third-party software to send two streams (vertical and horizontal) feeds to YouTube at once. They will be handled separately though, with it showing as two streams on your channel. 

The archives of your vertical live streams will live in the ‘Live’ tab after the stream is over alongside your other live streams. 

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