YouTube Testing AI Ideas Generator for Clips

| Updated on May 7, 2024

YouTube has now introduced generative AI features at the back end to make the life of a YouTuber a little bit easier. 

The company has launched the live test of its new generative AI feature that lets them get inspired and create content. In YouTube’s terms “Testing a GenAI content inspiration tool on Studio desktop.”

The company has been testing this feature internally for a while. The Chief Product Officer, Johanna Voolich provided some insights into it last month. 

Here is what YouTube shared. 

“To make it easier for creators to decide what to dream up and share next, we’re experimenting with a tool that uses AI to surface content inspiration. If you’re a creator in the experiment and you navigate to Studio > Analytics > Research on desktop, you’ll see ideas for content you could create to share on YouTube This experimental tool aims to help you brainstorm ideas, understand your audience better, and build videos faster by generating ideas for: What kinds of content / topics your viewers want to see more of, fresh angles for creative content you haven’t made in the past and could explore creating, and outlines / talking points to jump start your creative process. This test is rolling out to a small number of channels that publish videos in the English language, but we’ll keep you updated on our plans to expand it!!”

With the help of this tool, users can get pointers and notes based on viewer trends and it will help them to come up with new ideas. 

According to YouTube, this will help the creators tap into topics that their viewers want to see more of or fresh creative concepts. 

For now, this feature is available for some users, go on and check if you are a user who has this enabled. According to YouTube, this feature is available only to users who post videos in English. Access to a wider audience is coming soon.  

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer