TikTok Tests 60-Minute Video Uploads in Its Bid to Take on YouTube

| Updated on May 21, 2024

At the start of this year, TikTok tested the 30-minute video uploads and later it was added to the stable version of the platform. 

Now, the company is testing its ability for users to upload 60-minute videos. For now, the feature is available to a select few markets and TikTok says there are no plans to make it available to a wider audience. 

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The feature was first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra. This marks a dramatic shift from TikTok’s original format. At the launch, TikTok started with 15-second videos, but then they started increasing that limit over the years. 

While the company started with the vision of providing short-format videos, it is now embracing long-format videos and takes on YouTube. 

As we’ve mentioned it has been testing the 15-minute and 30-minute videos and now expanding to 60-minute videos. This expansion to 60 60-minute videos is not a surprise for us, we saw it coming. But the real question is, whether users will actually watch long-form content on TikTok. 

TechCrunch reports that TikTok says creators are demanding it. But do viewers want it, though? 

TikTok says that the purpose of this new limit is to give creators the opportunity to experiment with new types of content. It also allows new types of content such as comedy sketches or full episodes of TV shows. 

Many TV shows upload their episodes on YouTube to attract new viewers, they can do the same with TikTok. 

It is true that everyone will not be interested in long-format content TikTok but we never know, users might enjoy it. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer