Threads Has Now Reached the Milestone of 150 Million Monthly Active Users

| Updated on April 26, 2024

The text-based social media app from Meta, Threads, the Twitter look alike app, reached 150 million monthly active users. 

Meta Newsroom on X shared Q1 highlights, this was one of the things in it. 

In February, the company revealed that they have reached 130 million users. Now, in just two months, the number soared to 150 million monthly active users. 

Last year, Meta launched Threads just to create a Twitter look-alike app or maybe Mark Zuckerberg wanted to spite Elon Musk. Whatever may be the case, it will always be called the Twitter lookalike app. Unless Threads proves to be a force to be reckoned with – and comes with features that make Elon Musk change the strategy for X. 

Now with 150 million monthly active users, Meta’s bet on Threads is paying off. Originally, Meta stated that they wouldn’t bring ads to the platform until it had reached hundreds of millions of users, but we can expect ads sooner rather than later. 

In a recent report, Digiday reported that Meta ad exes are now informing the brand partners that ads could be coming to the app later this year. 

Well, it may be because of the growth of Threads users. With this growth rate, Threads could achieve 200 million monthly active users later this year in October. This could be a point where Meta could start showing ads on the platform.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer