Snapchat Now Launches New Generative AI Features, DM Editing

| Updated on May 3, 2024

Snapchat has been trying new things to keep users engaged ever since they saw a decline in engagement. Now, they’ve announced many features associated with generative AI hoping to keep users engaged and connected to the app. 

Now, the app will let users set up reminders with the help of its AI chatbot. To do so, users need to open the MY AI chatbot and ask it to set the reminder for a specific task or event. With this feature, you can set a reminder for things like finishing an assignment, setting a countdown, or something else. 

With enhanced generative AI features, users will be able to design their own digital garments for their Bitmoji. Users can customize things like pants and jackets. Just type out a prompt like “vibrant flowers” to customize a hoodie.

Apart from this, the company is also adding a new AI-powered lens that will enable users to get a glimpse of what they’d look like in the 90s. it will place them into a simulated scene that looks like the 90s. 

Users will also have the ability to edit chats, so you can update your DMs for up to five minutes after sending. This feature is coming soon to the app and will only be available for Snapchat+ subscribers. 

The company is also adding the “Map Reactions”, that will enable the users to spark a conversation from Snap Map. Map Reactions will send an emoji prompt to friends who are sharing their location. 

There are many interesting updates on Snapchat. Hopefully, now it will help them boost engagement on the app. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer