Mozilla Monitor Plus: New Service from Mozilla Removes Personal Info from Data Broker Sites Automatically

| Updated on February 8, 2024
Mozilla Monitor Plus Removes Personal Info From Data Broker Sites

Mozilla is introducing a new paid subscription privacy monitoring service called Mozilla Monitor Plus, the new service will help people locate and remove their personal and sensitive information from data broker websites around the web. This will include the ability to remove phone numbers, email, home addresses, and more info that is exposed on data broker websites. 

The Mozilla Monitor is a free service that notifies you when your email has been a part of a data breach. However, they’ve added the Plus version, a subscription model, that will allow the users to run scans to check if their info is leaked, and then provide the tools to delete it or make that private again. For that, they are charging $8.99 a month under its annual subscription. For this price, Mozilla will keep a lookout for your information at over 190 sites where brokers sell information they’ve gathered from various sources. 

At the moment, the process of removing the information from data brokers is pretty confusing. Most websites that collect data have an opt-out page where you can fill out the info and put in a removal request. But people don’t often know where and how to go about it. 

Mozilla Monitor Plus is here to make the process easier by keeping a lookout for your info across 190 data brokers. Once it finds your info on any of these websites, it will start the process of requesting removal on your behalf. The actual process of data removal may take up to a month. 

For now, this service is only offered to US users. It is hard to speculate when it will be available for the rest of the world. 

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