Microsoft to Remove Cortana and WordPad Apps with Next Major Windows 24H2 Update

| Updated on May 29, 2024
Microsoft to Axe WordPad

Microsoft is all set to launch its major upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update in the coming months. This update will bring a major overhaul to Windows 11 and include many new features. 

Apart from adding new features the company is slated to axe some of the most iconic apps in Windows 11. Microsoft is set to remove three powerful apps, WordPad, Cortana, and Tips. 

“Please note that Cortana, Tips and WordPad are removed after upgrading to Windows 11, version 24H2. These apps are deprecated,” shared Windows Insider Program in a blog post. Windows 11, version 24H2 (Build 26100.712) is now available for Insiders in the Release Preview Channel.

If you want to try the Windows 11 24H2 version, you can use the Windows Insider Program to install it. For devices that meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements, go to Settings > Windows Update.

Each of these apps is being discontinued, there are some details as to how the company is handling these apps. This will only remove the Cortana standalone app and not the in-app integration. Cortana will remain within other applications, such as Outlook Mobile, Teams Mobile, and Microsoft Teams Rooms. Of course, in the long term, Copilot will take Cortana’s place in most of the Microsoft apps 

Tips app will continue to receive content updates with information concerning new Windows features until they remove it. WordPad will not receive any updates from now and will be removed eventually. Microsoft wants users to use Microsoft Word instead of WordPad. 

WordPad might not be used by many users right now but it is still sad to see it go, it has been around since Windows 95. 

Around five years ago, Microsoft announced the removal of the classic Windows Paint app with Windows 10 in 2017. But Microsoft decided against it after an uproar by users. 

With the removal of this app, Microsoft said it is “evolving the Copilot experience on Windows as an app that will be pinned to the taskbar.”

Manisha Singh

Journalist / Writer