Instagram Tests New Feature to Preview Feed Post Placement Before Publishing

| Updated on February 6, 2024

The social media giant Instagram is testing a new feature to preview feed post placements before actually publishing the images on your profile. 

Feature, spotted by a social media marketer, allows you to view how your feed posts will look on your profile grid before you publish, so you can check the aesthetic element of your profile. 

Instagram New Feature Review Post Before Publishing

You can see from this example shared on LinkedIn, that users can now see a new ‘Show Preview’ button in the composer flow. Users can tap on it and see if the preview of the post will fit into your profile format or not. 

This feature could make it easier for users who want to follow a particular theme for their IG profile. This will ensure that everything you are posting aligns with your approach to IG. 

This feature can be called a game-changer for social media managers and content creators. Because these people need to create more aesthetically pleasing profiles to entice users. Maintaining a standard sets you apart from the rest and helps you in building a great presence on social media. So, this nifty update could hold a lot of value for many creators. 

This is all well and good but you must know that this feature is only available for photos and carousels and not for reels. But I’m hoping that they will extend this for reels as well shortly. 

There is no official update on when this feature will roll out to the general public, but I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. 

Himanshu Kumar

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