• Plumbing Tech Trends on the Rise

    | Updated on June 28, 2022

    From smart devices and eco-friendly innovations to new takes on old pipes, plumbing technology is ever-changing and contractors need to keep up. Let’s look at a few of the latest technology trends.

    Smart Leak Detectors are Getting Smarter

    More and more homes and businesses are using smart devices, such as touchless faucets, for their plumbing needs. And smart leak detectors have emerged as one of the most practical smart plumbing devices, saving consumers money in water loss and helping them avert the even greater cost of property damage should any leaks go undetected. But which ones should contractors recommend to their customers? The Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector gets points for its temperature sensors to guard against frozen pipes and for being wireless. If you’ve got a homeowner who already has a smart house, the D-Link DCH-S161 is a good option for its integration with Google Assistant, while the highly customizable Proteus Aquo Wi-Fi Water Sensor works well with Amazon Alexa.  

    Trenchless Technology: Digging on the Decline

    We may never see the end of digging in the plumbing industry, but trenchless technology is the future of sewer-line repair, and plumbing professionals who once had to dig the entire length of underground piping can now turn to trenchless solutions. So if you’ve got a client who has damage to sewer lines caused by roots or shifts in the ground, you can probably make repairs by only digging at one access point and using a cone-topped pipe to snake through the existing line with the help of a hydraulic motor. This can knock days off a job, saving both customers and plumbing contractors time and energy. 

    The Tangled World of Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless water heaters have gained ground on traditional water heaters for years now, so much so that the number of choices when going tankless can get complicated. So when a client considers tankless tech, do you recommend an electric, natural gas, propane, oil, or a solar heater? And is it a home that would do well with a whole-house system, or a business that would benefit from single-point heaters? Gas is often a good option, offering power and fuel affordability, though the eco-friendly aspects of a solar heater put that choice at the forefront for many consumers.

    Online Market of Plumbers from Mississauga to Miami

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber in Mississauga, Montana, or Manhattan, digital marketing is key to gaining customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube — all of your social media channels should have regular updates with content directed at your target audience: plumbing customers. Have some fun with it, share hacks and tips, tricks for solving small plumbing problems like faucet leaks, so that followers will remember you when they get hit with big plumbing problems. And make sure your website looks like something from this century — nothing puts a dent in your online cred like an outdated website. 

    Greywater Tech is More Important Than Ever

    Repurposing water is nothing new and can be done with almost zero technology; DIY greywater collection systems for homes are simple, cheap, and effective. But businesses and even some homeowners with greater greywater needs look to plumbing professionals to come in with a system that uses the latest technology. Demand will increase; we’re already seeing a rising interest in greywater systems due to the droughts that have hit western regions in the United States and current climate-change trends suggest that the droughts will continue. So, plumbing pros, get on top of your greywater game!   

    Smart devices will continue to get smarter, ecological issues are bound to rise, and plumbing pros will need to be right there changing with the tech-savvy times.

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