Vital Details of Microsoft MD-100 Exam That Will Lead You to Success

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Microsoft MD-100 is a highly recognized certification exam by many IT companies. It also enjoys a good reputation among the IT elites. Taking this test with flying colors means that you are closer to success and your dream career. The candidates for the MD-100 exam are the administrators who monitor, manage, secure, configure, and deploy devices and client applications particularly in an enterprise environment. The test is associated with the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate. To earn this credential, an individual must pass MD-100 and MD-101.

Microsoft MD-100 is a certification test focused mainly on understanding Windows 10. It is designed to measure one’s capability to deploy Windows, maintain it, configure connectivity, and manage devices and data. In general, the following skills will be measured:

  • Windows maintenance;
  • Configuration of connectivity;
  • Device and data management;
  • Windows deployment.

Key Details of Microsoft MD-100 Exam

There are key factors and vital information that the students need to know about this exam. Let’s look at this inmore detail.

  • Exam structure

Microsoft MD-100 consists of 40-60 questions that should be answered within 120 minutes. Note that the test is available in English only .

  • Types of questions

Concerning the Microsoft MD-100 exam format, there are different question types. Some of them, you are likely to encounter include multiple-choice, build list, drag and drop, case studies, and so on.

  • Passing score

If you are taking the MD-100 certification test, you should know what marks or percentage you need to get to be considered someone who has passed the Microsoft exam. Precisely, the passing score for this test is 700 points out of the highest possible 1000 marks. If you score anything less than these numbers, you will be one of those candidates who have failed their exam. So, be sure to prepare adequately so that you can achieve the relevant points to avoid wasting your time and money preparing for the retake of the test.

  • Exam pricing

Please note that Microsoft MD-100 costs $165 for the applicants registering from the USA. Those students from other countries may pay a bit higher price, especially if the exam fee is subjected to taxation.

  • Registration

Microsoft offers most of its tests through Pearson VUE, and MD-100 is not an exception. You can start your registration by visiting the exam page, and then you need to follow the recommendations on the screen. You can decide to take your certification test at your home or at any Pearson VUE center near you.

  • Retake policy

According to the retake policy, the examinees who fail to get the passing score are allowed to retake within 24 hours. For those who have failed their Microsoft MD-100 a second time, the policy requires the following: they have to wait for at least 14 days to try again. Typically, the maximum number of attempts one can take is 5 times year. If you still cannot pass your exam, you need to submit a request and obtain prior permission from Microsoft.

Skills Measured in Microsoft MD-100 Exam

Of course, there are the topics that you need to explore to be able to pass this certification test. They cover different percentage of the whole exam, but you need to pay attention to each of them. Let’s look at the skillset you need to develop.

  • Deploy Windows – 15-20%. This objective gauges your knowledge of user data migration, language packs configuration, selection of the appropriate Windows edition, troubleshooting of activation issues, clean installation, and in-depth upgrade by the use of tools, such as ADK, WDS, and MDT.The successful post-installation configuration is also an important skill to gain. You need to be able to customize the Windows desktop and configure mobility settings, Edge and Internet Explorer, and sign-in options.
  • Manage Device and Data – 35-40%.In this part, you need to learn the configuration of data protection and access, shared permission, and NTFS permissions. Also, you need to be able to manage local users, devices in directories, and local groups. Another vital skill is to manage Windows security that includes encryption implementation and Windows Defender Firewall and UAC configuration. And using local policies to configure devices is one more skill to gain. Learn how to troubleshoot group policies on devices, implement local policy, and configure local registry.
  • Configure Connectivity – 15-20%.This topic will evaluate your knowledge of remote connectivity and networking configuration, including remote desktop access, PowerShell Remoting, and remote management. It also covers the configuration of Wi-Fi profiles, VPN client, IP settings, and mobile networking, along with the troubleshooting of networking.
  • Maintain Windows – 25-30%.Manage updates, configure the system and data recovery, and monitor and manage Windows – these are the main subtopics of this exam subject. It includes Windows update options, Windows 10 recovery, Windows 10 environment, and much more.

Advantages of Taking Microsoft MD-100 Exam

Adding Microsoft MD-100 to your resume is a positive step towards your career. It makes you more employable and also opens up many opportunities for your career growth. After passing this test, you will be eligible to take Microsoft MD-101 so you can earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. With this certification, getting a job will be easier because the employers generally prefer employing the certified professionals. Since Microsoft MD-100 and the associated certificate are both globally recognized, they allow you to apply for jobs abroad. Also, there are high chances that you will be paid a good salary because the recruiters are always willing to offer a better paycheck to the certified experts.


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