Regain Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter- A Milestone for Conversion

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Lotus Notes and MS Outlook both are emailing platform and fulfill the purpose of email communication for personal as well as professional level. Both platforms use different file formats for smooth functioning. Lotus Notes uses the NSF file format whereas Outlook uses the OST and PST file format and functions in synchronization with the MS Exchange Server.

However, due to a number of features sets and easy to use interface, users and organizations preferred to use the Outlook as their default email services. In case, you are a user of Lotus Notes and want to avail of the MS Outlook features, this can be possible by migrating the Lotus Notes data into MS Outlook. This allows the users to access and use all the data of Lotus Notes in MS Outlook. 

Migrating Lotus Notes in MS Outlook might not be the easiest task, as both use the different file formats which are not compatible with each other. To migrate data one from another, you need to go through the conversion process. Well, before dive into the conversion process, let’s figure out why users pick MS Outlook over IBM Notes. 

Lotus Notes VS MS Outlook 

Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are two main desktop email clients and both offer the exclusive range of features and allow users to do various things apart from email. However, various things make Outlook more convenient for users than the Lotus Notes. Pay a glance at a brief comparison between Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. 

Storage Facility of Lotus Notes and Outlook

Both email clients run of the different file formats. Lotus Notes uses the NSF file format to store the data such as emails, attachments and more. On the other side, MS Outlook uses OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table). IBM Notes considered the expensive email client as compared to MS Outlook. MS Outlook comes with Microsoft Office suite, so you don’t need to buy it separately. 

Multiple Accounts      

MS Outlook allows you to use multiple accounts at the same time, where Lotus notes restrict users to use the only single account at the same time. 


Both services have their own servers; Lotus Notes uses the IBM Domino. On the other hand, MS Outlook uses the Microsoft Exchange server that is more genial as compare to Lotus notes. 

There are other major factors are involved while picking the MS Outlook over Lotus Notes such as better security, easy to use interference, single-seat management, and platform integrity. 

Migrate NSF File to PST File

There are two major methods by which you can migrate data from NSF file to PST file. One is a manual or native method, which requires both platforms. However, it is quite a time consuming, lengthy process and requires lots of technical skill sets to perform the steps. Also, it involves the risk of data loss. 

The second method is using some latest tool to convert NSF file to PST file. Using the tools for your conversion task lessens the risk of data loss. Let’s try to convert the Lotus Notes file to MS Outlook with a manual method. 

  • At first, open the Lotus Notes
  • Navigate and find the NSF files that you want to be converted. Click on “Open
  • Now go to ‘File’ section and pick the ‘Export’ option
  • Now select the path to save the files and in ‘Save as type’ and name it then clicks on ‘Export
  • Next, pick the options and click on “OK

The above process will help you to export the NSF file, now follow the underneath steps to import it into Outlook PST file:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook and Go to ‘File’ and tap on ‘Open
  • Now click on ‘Import & Export
  • From this section pick the ‘Import from another program or file’ option and go for the next steps by clicking on ‘Next
  • Now choose the ‘Comma-separated values (Windows)’ and go for further steps by clicking on ‘Next’
  • On the next steps open the file and click on the Next Button
  • Now choose the path where you want to import the data and click ‘Next
  • Now click “Finish

Conversion via Regain Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter

The Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion via the online tool is the fastest and safest way to convert data. This automatic method reduces the risk of data loss and boosts the migration speed, also gives full control of the converted file. 

There are various NSF to PST converter tools are available but Regain technology stands out the best among existed tools. 

Regain Lotus Notes to Outlook converter tool offers the top-notch features such as easy to use interface, compatible with almost every MS Outlook version, advance filters to convert the file, safe and secure safety of converted file and more. It also provides a free demo version of the software that allows the migration of the first 50 items per folder.

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