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| Updated on February 14, 2024 is a top-notch free chat for website. This tool supports omnichannel, so you can connect it to WhatsApp and other third-party programs.

This product is in demand for businesses of all sizes. This chat can be installed on the landing page of a small company and help high-loaded websites of large corporations.

Why is Needed

This free live chat for website is multi-functional because it can be used to achieve several goals in a row. The primary ones are:

  • Communicating with customers, maintaining their loyalty;
  • Getting contact data of potential clients;
  • Implementation of sales funnels.

Key Features

Live Chat Features

Any company should add chat on a website because it will let it access many features that simplify communication with customers. allows teams to collect emails from their clients in one place. There’s no need to search for letters, even if customers use different mailing tools.

Another omnichannel feature is integration with WhatsApp. This chat option on the website allows sending messages via this app. As a result, companies may contact their clients regardless of any circumstances.

Offline communication is another way to ease the dialogue. Even if a user has left the company’s website, they can continue their interaction via email.

Regardless of the way a team chooses to use this chat widget for a website, it’s possible to send different documents. It supports text files, images, and videos.

Reasons to Select

Reasons to Select

Although provides access to multiple features, there are many alternatives. So why pick this tool? The primary reason is that it actually cares about its customers. If clients have problems with the chat, support managers will solve them in minutes, even at night.

Since real people are working, all messages are thoughtfully analyzed, which helps improve service quality and increase the response speed.

Where to Install suits all businesses because it’s possible to integrate this tool into different platforms. Since it’s an HTML chatbox, users may simply copy the code and paste it to their websites, changing specific details.

Everything becomes even easier if a company works with a CMS. It’s possible to add this chat to sites on Tilda, WiX, WiziShop, SquareSpace, and others.

Those who use a Google Tag Manager tool may also enjoy all the features. It’s possible to add and customize the provided code following a guideline.

Regardless of the platform where this chat for the websites is installed, it’s possible to access it from both PCs and smartphones.

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