Everything You Need to Know About the MuchBetter e-wallet

| Updated on March 21, 2024

MuchBetter is a flexible payments app that is revolutionizing how day-to-day purchases are made.

Our digital payments app was created to provide an amazing customer experience while also balancing security and reliability, allowing a customizable payment solution that aids in safe and secure payment transactions.

What is an e-wallet?

An e-wallet (electronic wallet) is a secure digital account that allows you to access and manage your money via a smartphone app. An e-wallet helps you keep all your money in one spot, eliminating the need to take cash or a wallet with you. All in all, it’s an innovative solution to a traditional bank account.

How do I Make an Account?  

  • Download the MuchBetter app 
  • Create an e-wallet profile
  • Verify your account
  • Load your wallet
  • Order a contactless fob or prepaid card via the app 
  • Use our e-wallet app, contactless fob, or prepaid card to pay for products or online services 

But our wallet doesn’t just stop there, there are many reasons to use the MuchBetter app.

It makes life so much easier. There is no need to speak to someone over the phone or travel to a cash machine when you want to make a transfer. You can make all your payments with the MuchBetter app or by using the contactless fob or prepaid Mastercard®.

Want to split a bill with friends when you go out for dinner? If your peers have the MuchBetter app and an account with us, make it happen with just a simple tap.

The minute you download the app, the virtual card will be instantly available on the e-wallet, as well as having the option to order a physical Mastercard® or fob that can be delivered to your address within 10 working days.Why settle for better when you can get MuchBetter? Download our e-wallet app to your phone today!

John M. Flood

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