Is Yoga-Go the Right Fit for You?

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Yoga has become a prominent solution to one of the most pressing problems many people find themselves focused on in their day-to-day lives: weight loss. Whether you want to get back to looking and feeling like your younger self or you’re simply excited to proceed along your health journey, weight loss is top of mind for people. 

The problem is cutting off some pounds is hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. Yoga-Go is an excellent online workout app that can make this process easy. 

The premise of it is an at-home customizable yoga-based drilling plan all from the convenience of your phone. It begins with a quick questionnaire to help inform the customized plan, and then it regularly schedules practices designed to work with your personal needs and availability. 

The software was designed in collaboration with several experts and offers a diverse array of both yoga and pilates workouts with an abundance of additional features. Using Yoga-Go for weight loss is an easy way to make the path of becoming a healthier you affordable, fun, and straightforward.

Features of the App

  • A personalized yoga and pilates training plan
  • A library of poses
  • Premade yoga workout programs to browse
  • A targeted approach to your personal goals
  • Guided meditations
  • A training tracker
  • Daily reminders
  • Video and audio guidance during workouts

Yoga Facts:- 72% of yoga practitioners are women.

Why Yoga-Go Works for Weight Loss


The main reason this app is such a great option for slimming down is that it overcomes some of the most common barriers people face. Several individuals struggle to attain a reduction simply from a lack of information on how to proceed. There’s an overwhelming amount of contradicting information on health and cutting down pounds publicly available which can sometimes make it even harder to formulate an effective and realistic plan without some assistance.

Luckily, this is a great option for overcoming this dilemma because it does all the planning for you using its AI technology. The data you submit in the introductory questionnaire is what allows the software to use a targeted approach to your specific needs, making it a highly effective weight loss workout plan. It can be accessed via Google Play or the App Store for a free download.

A second barrier to Yoga-Go bypasses is the issue of time commitment. Humans live busy lives and simply can’t accommodate scheduling drilling sessions with a trainer or making it to group fitness classes. Not only do these options take a fair amount of time from both the commute and long workout sessions, but they’re often set inflexible times that may not mesh with every schedule.

On the other hand, it is as convenient as a training plan can be. The workouts are done from home, so there’s no added time for travel, and they themselves are quick and effective. They range anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes and can burn up to 200 calories in this time! Multiple practices can also be done back to back if certain days allow for more time devoted to working out.

Another major factor that limits people from achieving the weight loss they desire is simply the cost. Gym memberships, personal trainers, classes, and the like can all be expensive endeavors. It’s difficult to dedicate the amount of both time and money many plan options involve, and you shouldn’t have to.

Workout plan

Yoga-Go is an incredibly affordable way to receive a targeted workout plan right on your phone. It requires no equipment, no experience, and is a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. With a 12-month commitment, it’s only $4 per month! You can also opt for a lower commitment plan such as a 3-month subscription which is still only $10 per month, or an individual month of the process can be accessed for $20.

Lastly and arguably the most common reason why plenty of people quit on their weight loss journey is purely because they find it to be miserable. No one wants to be stuck forcing themselves through grueling sessions day in and day out while depriving themselves of the foods they love. This isn’t a sustainable approach to cutting off pounds, and it comes at far too high a cost: one’s sanity and general enjoyment of life. 

This is precisely what makes it such an appealing option. The Yoga-Go workouts are varied, interesting, fun, and easy to follow. Users won’t get bored due to the vast array of moves and pre-planned programs. On top of this, there are many different styles of yoga and pilates practices to try, which means there’s something suited for practically everyone.

A Weight Loss Plan That Works

It’s clear that there are certain things that don’t work for weight loss and many ways things can go awry, even for the most carefully thought out of plans. So what actually does work?

Strength-Based Exercises

It’s no secret that exercise is a basic component of reducing mass, but many people approach it in an ineffective way. While cardiovascular exercises such as running are certainly great for your heart and can help support weight loss, they’re not nearly as effective as strength-based workouts like yoga and pilates.

Strength-based training allows for the muscles to become stronger, more dense, and increase in mass. The increased muscle mass alters metabolism and makes it easier to maintain a lean body fat level. The denser muscles appear more sculpted and create a look that cardio alone can never attain and one that several individuals hope to achieve from their exercise efforts.

Lowering Stress

Equally fundamental to exercise is the lesser-known factor of stress on the body mass. A consistently high level of stress from work, relationships, self-inflicted issues, or anywhere else can lead to high levels of the hormone cortisol, amongst other hormonal changes. Cortisol makes it much easier to gain kilograms and much harder to lose it. This is one of the secret causes of many people’s long-standing struggles with weight that seem immune to exercise and diet no matter how much effort they put in

An amazing feature of this app is that it can directly help to combat this problem. This itself can be an excellent activity for reducing mind chatter and relieving stress. It can produce stress-lowering happy hormones such as endorphins, and the effects can significantly lower stress well past the duration of a workout. 

On top of this, the software has a number of guided meditations included, which can help users attain inner peace, better sleep, improved clarity of thought, and much more. Meditation is one of the most effective tools for reducing chronic stress, and this is the secret weapon of the app that makes it a holistic tool for achieving truly healthy mass reduction. There are other meditation apps available, but few others from the App Store have an all-in-one package like Yoga-Go.


While stress reduction and exercise can get you a long way, that journey will eventually end without consistency. Willpower can be fickle, and what’s been proven to be a far better thing to rely on to achieve long-term goals is instilling good habits and utilizing at least a little bit of discipline. This means working out even on the days you don’t want to because you know your future self will be happy you did.

It is a workout program that’s incredibly easy to stay consistent with. Firstly it offers an ever-changing and diverse array of practices that keep it interesting, challenging, and engaging. Secondly, it’s a realistic amount of commitment for most individuals to add to their day. It only takes a few moments, it can be done from home, and memberships can be paused or canceled at any time. It also sends daily reminders just in case you ever forget to fit in your daily habit.

Must Know Yoga Facts
Research has shown that practicing yoga can delay aging.


Overall, the Yoga-Go has unbeatable features and an unbeatable price, and it serves as a much-needed healthy and sustainable solution to weight loss as well as good health more broadly. If an enjoyable and convenient form of exercise is something you’ve been searching for, it could be the right fit for you.

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