Is Technology Good for Education?

| Updated on March 28, 2024

The advancement in technology has also made its way to improve the education system. Technology is known to make human life better and what is better than improving the education system that polishes the bright minds of today’s students who are going to lead the future of our dear world. From being helpful in offices and workplaces, technology has come to classrooms now. Technology has introduced a new model of the education system for both students and teachers where they can interact and learn with much efficiency than just reading or cramming books.

The evolution of education systems with technology has made learning more fun and accessible to students. People who were once struggling to learn are now much more actively learning new things. Let’s discuss in detail how technology has made a position impact on today’s education:

Technology is the Need of Time:

The world is progressing and so does the student curriculums. Technology has become a major part of our world and it is time that the education system incorporates it too. Technology is making sure that classrooms no longer only have textbooks but they should be more interactive and learning can be done in real-time. For example, with the help of computer displays or projectors teachers can explain theories and ideas with video or picture representation that can greatly help students understand them.

Technology Enhances Student’s Learning:

One might wonder that the internet is full of cartoon videos for children or a tablet’s only purpose is to entertain your child with games. These purposes are very much valid and are adopted by parents but these technological marvels are much more capable than that. Technology can provide students with instant help and information about various topics. No more browsing through books or encyclopedias to get information about a certain form of English tense or human body part.

Technology enhances student’s learning capabilities as students who struggled to understand concepts through books can now watch informative yet attractive videos that induce interactive learning in students.

Teachers Can be More Productive:

It is a teacher’s responsibility to guide their students in such a way that they can learn efficiently. However, sometimes learning through books can become dry and boring. To make learning fun teachers can use technology to make interactive and fun digital presentations, animated videos, or colorful worksheets that help students become more active in the classroom whichresults inimproved students’ learning capability. A teacher’s goal is to make their students efficient and excellent in the subject they teach and technology can help teachers achieve their goal.

Today’s Student’s are of the Digital World:

Students of this generation are much more actively interested in modern-day technology. A 5-year-old can use a smartphone more effectively than a 50-year-old nowadays. Children learn fast and giving them the tools, that technology provides, will surely have a positive impact. The learning process will be fast, much more interactive and students can self-learn from the internet too. The digital world needs its next generation to adapt to the technological model that is going to make its position stronger in the world with each passing year.

Technology Enforces Fast Learning:

People ought to think that technology makes students and teachers lazy. This mindset is false, as technology can boost a student’s learning capability and can help a teacher convey the concept easier and faster. Education is the prime need of human survival and the more easily one can get an education the more that person will thrive.

Technology helps students to grasp the concepts and do personal research on topics they struggled to understand in the first place. Secondly, teachers demand to use technology as they can prepare topics and convey their lectures with more elaborate viewpoints and concept building methods.

Teachers and Students are More Connected:

With the help of technology, not only loved ones but teachers and students are also more connected. Teachers can guide or answers student’s queries even after getting off from school. Assignments and projects can be submitted instantly through emails or official school portals. 

Some might think students and teachers want some spare time to relax after school hours. But in reality, students have to make projects and do homework after school hours, and sometimes they might need to ask their teacher a question or two. So, in this scenario technology has made them very connected.

Technology can Withstand Challenges:

With technology, education can prevail in the toughest of times. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world all educational institutions were shut down. This meant that the education every student deserved would come to a halt. However, just because of technology this education system is sustaining even through these tough times. Online classes have become the norm now.

Students can take lectures and be part of the classrooms by just logging in to their computer at their home. Online classes brought education to home for students. Students no longer have to risk their lives coming to schools they can now get the necessary education from the safety of their homes.

Technology Interests Students:

A pretty tablet, a big PC, or a beautiful video projector might not sound appealing to seniors but the newer generation is pretty interested in it. Students of the modern-day are much more interactive when technology is integrated into their educational system. Children tend to lose focus or get distracted while learning but technology can help them stay focused and keep them on track and learn their curriculum more efficiently. 

Technology really does bring the bells and whistles to attract students to utilize them in their life and when implemented correctly students can greatly benefit from it. Educational institutes that utilize technological measures in their educational system provide their students with the sets of possibilities that help them stay more active and learn more innovatively than other students.

Technology Brings Limitless Resources:

Educational resources are needed by both teachers and students alike. Educational resources like books, research papers, news articles, etc. once used to be accessible only through libraries. But now with the help of technology one can easily find and get information from the internet instantly.

You can search the whole wide web and get the desired information you need. Most of the information on the internet is free of cost but sometimes you also might need to pay a small fee but this small fee is still pretty considerable to browsing through hundreds of books and research papers to get your desired information. 

The Future is Online:

Educational systems are changing overtime. More and more educational institutions are adopting the online education model. Times change and people adapt to them and right now the online model is the appropriate mode of education. There are now online portals that guide students throughout their semesters about their scores and other goals. There is online testing now enables teachers to rate and rank them faster than they could have done manually. 

Online is the future of the world. The biggest and most real-time example of the implementation of the online model is the way how the whole world’s education system shifted to online classes and testing methods. This clearly shows how much potential technology has to not only diversify but to enhance the education system for the betterment of both students and teachers alike.


Technology has always been the most dominating part of our world since it came into existence. Its presence has made its impact on education too and that has been greatly positive. With the help of technology, the education system can become much more capable and efficient to provide education to more and more people with much more ease of understanding and more accessibility to resources than ever before.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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