Sharing of Information in Social and Health Care

| Updated on October 31, 2023

This profession is a social mechanism capable of responding to and solving social problems at all levels. The object of social work is social relations, multifaceted and complex both in terms of structure and content. Social work is a complex process. It requires knowledge of:

  • management theory; 
  • psychology;
  • sociology; 
  • pedagogy;
  • medicine.

Social work began as a professional activity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In civilized countries, neither social development programs nor social policy can do without taking into account the opinion and results of the activities of social work specialists. There are now more than 50,000 specialists in Great Britain from various fields. No decision at the local or legislative level is made without an expert assessment of the social consequences.

The Importance of Sharing Information in Health and Social Care

An important aspect that increases the effectiveness of social work is the sharing of information. You can spread the news through social networks and street banners. Unfortunately, not so many people know about social activities. So, they can suffer from specific problems without knowing a person can help solve them. Sharing information helps not only people with issues, but also social workers. After all, the more people come to them, the more work they have. 

How Can People Spread Information?

Therefore, it is important to spread information and let people understand that it is normal to ask for help from a social worker. People need health sharing, and social workers can help. Not many people research papers, so it’s essential to spread information as you can. 

It can be not only through advertising but also through other people and essays on social workers. So, someone can find social work essays examples while searching for free essays online. This way, more people can know about social initiatives. If you know about any initiatives, you should try to spread this information through free essay samples. Therefore, more people will know about it. Also, sharing information has a perfect effect on the effectiveness of social work, which will later be helpful for society.

The Purpose of Social Work

Social work serves the purpose of:

  • self-organization;
  • self-knowledge; 
  • self-affirmation of this or that community; 
  • creation of more favorable conditions for life;
  • protection of rights and interests.

It identifies connections between people occupying different societal positions and their social structures. Also, it creates a space for social partnership and life support of other social groups. The concept of the social sphere functions as reproduction, development of society, and the individual as the creator of his own life.

Who is a Social Worker?

A social worker is an intermediary between society, a social group, a family, and an individual. He has the appropriate professional training to provide social assistance to solve all kinds of social problems.

The main task of a social worker is to help citizens, families, and social groups in a problematic situation. Social workers help to understand the problem and find a way out, using personal initiative, work, and available resources.

Special Types of Activities

As social work is a complex process, its effectiveness depends on the quality of the work, which means the level of training of the specialist. The professional training of social workers can be focused on the following types of activities:

  • diagnostic (study of family characteristics);
  • prognostic (forecasting the development of events, working out specific patterns of behavior);
  • human rights;
  • managerial (organization of social services);
  • preventive;
  • social and medical (organization of health prevention work);
  • socio-pedagogical;
  • psychological (consultations on correction of interpersonal relations);
  • social and household (improvement of housing and household conditions);
  • communicative (establishing contacts and exchanging information);
  • educational (the role of a teacher for college students, consultant, expert).

Importance for Society

The social work system and its functional structure should work on the border between personal and public. It allows for a balance of interests in decision-making and eliminates social conflicts. Society and the people need painstaking daily creative social work with each family and a specific person.

In many developed countries, public-state systems of social work are taken as a basis. The interests of various social groups in managing state resources are decided by the Social Council of the territory. The state budget finances private social institutions (family orphanages, shelters).


Therefore, social work is an essential sphere of modern life. Every year, people begin to tolerate requests for help more and more. If earlier it was shameful to go to a psychologist or contact social workers, now it is, on the contrary, a sign of a person’s courage. Therefore, the profession of a social worker is essential for the psychological health of the entire society.

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